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The day broke and all sort of memories came flowing through my thick skull, we can’t but get excited that it’s time for the most favorite article on 360nobs. Today is our Jordan’s Juice day of course!

Let’s no get over-excited today oh! Oh wait, we actually can. TGIF!

Last week, I shared my experience in a Lagos state BRT! I mean, I am sure every one of us that read that article must have felt my pain in a way. But away from BRT jare, let’s talk about our own local small chops, here in Nigeria and made for Nigerians – FRIED YAM AND AKARA (Beans Cake – Like the prim and prissy people call it)

I particularly call myself a Non-Conformist, not because I decided to tag myself that out of the blues, I just learnt over time that that those who achieved greater things in life don’t fit in! I am driving somewhere with this, just get along. I am not one for doing things the same way every other person does theirs.

At the Kids’ Choice Awards 2015, Angelina Jolie said something after she was given her award and I quote….

“Different is good. So, don’t fit,

“Don’t ever try to be less than what you are, and when someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud.”

“Cause a little trouble. It’s good for you,”

So every of her words was just telling me how to live my life. I have always been that way anyways.

Moving on, in my place of work I have this near addiction for the akara and yam sold 10minutes away. So every lunch break, although I might have had something to eat, I’ll find myself craving for what I later termed ” African-Made Finger Food”.

Whenever I go to buy, my colleagues laugh at me, saying ” Jordan, what’s with you and this thing you eat all the time“?

Other times, they ” Eww” (Show disgust in a way) whenever I come in with my Fried Akara and Yam. I don’t flinch a bit.

Along the line, I was steadfast with my every noon Akara and Yam eating.

Then one random day, Noble Igwe calls me back and says, ” Jordan buy me Yam and Akara and Plantain

I almost thought there was an eclipse. What in heaven’s name did he just ask me to do? LOL, and then another colleague says, ” Jordan, Please buy me some“. This same colleague was the one that almost had a fight with me cos of the aroma of my African finger food.

The only people that’ll readily eat Akara and Yam with me are Samantha Dimka and Ada Igboanugo.

Along the line, they started getting addicted to the Fried Yam and Akara eating syndrome! I literally made fried Yam and Akara the official finger food at the office! Like, call me a Star! Whoop!

Should I burst your bubble, I once caught a colleague of mine buying this same thing and consuming it on the spot. He then comes to the office acting like it was a public holiday- Like nothing happened! LOL, Can we blame him? He, like others, fell for the fried yam and Akara eating syndrome!

For those of us that wouldn’t form and play team “I am Posh, I don’t do such things“, you should be able to relate.

Not all time, Southern Sun, not all time Eko Hotel, not all time KFC, sometimes the woman that fries Akara and yam by the roadside.

So I’d go to the woman who sells, Mama, wetin dey ground today oh, I wan buy fried yam and akara today, I go buy your shop. I’d tease this woman, even to the extent of telling her that I’d pay for her daughters’ dowries cos they are beautiful and I want to marry them. She’s Hausa by the way!  (Please insert your humor here)

FullSizeRender (11)


I loved the way the woman stirs the already grinded beans so vigorously to make it smooth. After which she’ll cup portions of this mixture into the already boiling oil. Just wait for few minutes, you have your fried hot and spicy Akara (Beancake).

FullSizeRender (13)


Other things these woman fries are yam, potato as well as plantain-dodo! So you have the option of a mixture of any as much as you can afford. One ball or a single piece of any is 10 naira! Now imagine how much you will buy with 200 naira! No forming here, after buying the necessary amount you can consume comfortably, you have the option to garnish it with fried fish. So AFRICAN.

Lest I forget, all won’t go well if she doesn’t add her signature peppered sauce. That’s what the Yoruba’s call “Ata Dindin”. This already made sauce is hot and chilli with a little bit of oil- be it groundnut or palm oil, it makes eating Fried yam and Akara worth the while.

FullSizeRender (16)

This is me in my originality. I am Nigerian, I am African and I am proud of my Yoruba roots. That doesn’t mean I don’t relate with all nor appreciate every other tribe, everyone is my family, No time for Tribalism! Hence, I am not Yoruba, neither am I Igbo nor Hausa, Call me NIGERIAN!

Have you ever tried Akara and Yam, If you have, please use the comment section and tell me how you enjoy yours, and if you haven’t, you better go and find out how to and then do! You’d definitely come back here to hug me!

PS: My dear Igbos, we will swim in that lagoon together because whatever affects you, affects us all! Lagos is for all!

See you next week Friday! Vote Wisely!

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

Non-Conformist. Content Specialist for Entertainment & Pop-Culture. I am incredibly clear about my opinions, grounded in my own sense of identity and very assertive about being me so i am not easily swayed by what other people think of me. #TheJordanBrand


  1. You are beginning to win me over and over again with your naturalist. No too much grammar. Now I want to eat these so called fried yam and Akara. They just don’t sell it here in the UK! I want it the African, NIGERIAN Style!! Well done Bruh!

  2. Lol. I really never knew what a fried yam and Akara is tho. And I love the ata dindin as well. Lol. You made the story telling endearing and making the readers hungry.

  3. Lmao, Biola has killed me o. Am a huge fan of akara and yam anyday anytime tho, and I wholeheartedly agree with you, not everytime KFC, Spice route and d rest, sometimes African Finger food. Nice article my friend, keep doing the weirdo you!

  4. i just feel sometimes we shouldnt go spend dollars on certain high class eatery when we can patronize these road sellers! They are getting cleaner nowadays and trust me, I park my Range Rover to buy things from the road sellers! Well done to whoever wrote this. Well done.

  5. Am a victim o,I remember vividly during my lag days trekking to abule oja every night just to buy Ankara&plantain

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