Joe Cohen Proves Mourinho’s Chelsea Are Better Than Arsenal’s Invincibles

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In December, Newcastle handed Chelsea their first loss of the season in the premier league and Arsenal fans (the ones in Nigeria at least) celebrated as if Arsenal had just won the champions league. The reason is quite simple after winning only one trophy in the last 9 years, Arsenal fans’ only claim to glory is the 2003/2004 season where they went the wholes season undefeated as they claim that was the best squad ever assembled. This tweet by Joe Cohen however disputes that fact.

It is true, Mourinho’s Chelsea have only lost three matches this season, twice in the premier league and once in the FA cup. Despite being knocked out of the UEFA champions league by PSG, the blues actually did not lose one match in the tournament this season. By contrast, in the 2003/2004 season, Arsenal were beaten by Manchester United in the FA Cup, they lost both legs of their league cup clash to Middlesbrough and in the UEFA Champions league, Dynamo Kiev, Inter Milan and ironically Chelsea all tasted victory over the “invinvibles”.

In your opinion, which side is better 03/04 Arsenal or 14/15 Chelsea?

Ola BlaQ

Ola BlaQ

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