Jamie Foxx On Chris Brown, “I have known him since he was 15, he danced with my sister who had down syndrome”

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Chris Brown is a beautiful soul.

The highly controversial star and recent father of one has had his own share of controversy and drama. But looks like there is more to the Breezy we see.

While sitting with Jimmy Kimmel, Jamie Foxx, whose new album is dropping soon, spilled some interesting details about Chris who was in the backstage waiting to perform a song they’d recorded together.

According to Foxx, when people asked him if he was sure he wanted to do a song with Chris, he told them he was certain because he had known Chris Brown since he was fifteen and that Chris would come to his house and dance with his sister who had down syndrome.

He also said that seeing the way Chris was with his baby backstage, he knew new things were coming and a change was certain.

Aww looks like baby Royalty changed Daddy’s heart.

Breezy and Royalty





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