Is Yoko Ono’s Cynthia Lennon Condolence Message Sincere Or Is She Just An Unrepentant Bitch? Here Are Five Things We Know

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It is no more news that John Lennon’s first wife, Cynthia Lennon, passed away after a brief battle with cancer yesterday, April 1.
The ex wife of the late Beatle, had the most troubled marriage with him when they were married until they divorced in August 1968.

And Cynthia published two memoirs to share her experience with the late controversial and once adored beatle, to the world.

These memoirs helped shed light into the life Cynthia and John shared together, a life they were not allowed to reveal to the public because John Lennon at the time had to keep a single Pop star image because of his adoring female fans.

The memoirs also made many people fall in love with Cynthia.

And so after Cynthia died in a Hospital yesterday, and her ex husband’s wife (and the woman who gets the credit for tearing Beatles apart), Yoko Ono shared a message of condolence via her website, there were mixed reactions.

Yoko’s message has been referred to as narcissistic and unwanted. Is it? We don’t know.

However, here are five things we do know and which might help you form your opinion about Ms Yoko Ono’s message to Cynthia Lennon.

John Lennon cheated on Cynthia with Yoko Ono
John and Cynthia married pretty early, both were in their early twenties when they got married and John was unknown at the time.

But as time went by, John became very popular as a bandmate in the then highly influential and world famous boyband, Beatles.

And then he stayed away a lot, then he met women, met Yoko, outgrew Cynthia and became hostile towards her.

But it didn’t stop there, John was a Sly. One day he asked her to take time off to go chill with her friend at a holiday destination and then he brought his side chic, Yoko, home.

Then Cynthia returned home and like a Nollywood movie, she met Yoko and John in their house. John had brought Yoko home to screw her… seriously.

Yoko is credited for breaking one of the world’s biggest band up
Because the band’s highly successful career ended around the time Yoko and John got together and because John started making artistic decisions highly influenced by Yoko, she has been accused many times in the past for being responsible for their break up.

Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t.

But Yoko has a rebellious streak and is an Artist.

Something Cynthia wasn’t. Cynthia has been referred to as homely and being satisfied playing mother and housewife.

So if John and Cynthia had remained together, Beatles might have never died… except Chapman would still have shot Lennon and he would have died and the band would still have died… Ok. Let’s move on.

Cynthia had to hide their marriage, Yoko never had to hide theirs

Beatles manager was said to have told the boys that they had to keep their image flirty for their female fans.
So John had to basically keep his marriage to Cynthia a secret.


But when Yoko and Johnny got married, they never had to. In fact, their marriage became one of the most highly talked about and publicized marriage at the time.

Something that must have hurt Cynthia like crazy.

And that was never Yoko’s business.

John Lennon was a dick to Cynthia and their son, Julian
After their divorce settlement, John Lennon was not exactly a nice man to Cynthia and he did not show much care to their son, Julian.

On the other hand, he spent a lot of time with his son with Yoko. Something he has been highly criticized for.

And Yoko never condemned John’s insensitive action to his ex wife and first son. At least, not publicly and at no time does John say it.

Yoko has also been reported to have made Julian buy a lot of John’s things through auction. Those things included a postcard Julian had sent to his father as a little boy.

Yoko did not allow Cynthia at John’s memorial

After John was murdered on December 8, 1980. Yoko had him cremated and had a memorial in his honour.

A memorial Cynthia was not invited to and was not allowed at.


Yoko and Cynthia however came together at some point in their lives to take this picture with their two sons.



They are smiling, and neither Yoko nor Cynthia died during and after the picture.

So maybe the two women eventually settled their differences? And maybe Yoko had the right to write that condolence message after all.

We would leave you to decide.

PHOTO CREDIT: Vanity Fair, Getty Images, Daily Mail



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