Is The EPL Still A Powerhouse?

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There was a time when the English Premier League was rated as the best in the world. There was a time when the Champions League was dominated by English teams, there was a time when the Champions League final featured an all English final.

All of this was when the EPL was a force to reckon with. A powerhouse in itself. As the first will be the last and the last the first, positions must change. The wheel turns as the wheel wills.

Two seasons ago was when it took a turn for the worse, this season is the worst one still. The UCL can’t say it’ll miss the EPL teams though. At the beginning of the tournament the EPL had four teams to boast of in the UCL, but now it has no team in it whatsoever.

The first team to crash out was Liverpool, they walked alone to the plebeian side of the UCL, the Europa League, where they didn’t last long enough to make any impression whatsoever, they crashed out to Turkish side, Besiktas.

The three teams that made it into the last 16 – Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City – practically made no impact on the competition whatsoever. Chelsea was paired with Ligue 1 giants, PSG. They salvaged a 1-1 draw away and looked to progress on away goals. A shocker, a real one, was when Chelsea played 10 man PSG and played out a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge. A team which dominated the premier league fell apart.

As for Arsenal though, the five year curse battling them rages on. For the past five years, they’ve made it to the last 16 and always end up crashing out. So, it was no surprise when another ligue 1 side, Monaco thrashed Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates. A disqualification already set in stone, Arsenal went to the Stade Louis with the hope of overturning the deficit. They thrived and fought and a 2-0 win was what they got out of it.

Manchester City got the worst of it as they were paired with Barcelona. The Catalans made no mistake in showing their dominance as they beat City home (2-1) and away (1-0).

My question though, is the EPL still a powerhouse?

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