In 5 Key Points – The Consequences Of Not Voting On Saturday by Babatunde Raji Fashola

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As the Saturday, April 11, Governorship election nears in Lagos State; Governor Babatunde Fashola has addressed the populace, charging everyone to go out and put their PVCs to good use. He admits that ‘the process can be made much easier, but it is no excuse to refuse to vote.’


He warned against the citizens of Lagos taking their voting rights for granted.


Also, Babatunde Fashola explained that ‘refusing to vote is disservice’.


In furtherance of that, he summarized the key consequences of refusing to vote in Saturdays’ governorship election in the state;

  1. By refusing to vote, you surrender decision making to a few and you will be bound by the consequences of your choices.


  1. By refusing to vote, you do a great disservice to many who have lived before you, who fought very hard at great personal costs to themselves, to earn you this right.


  1. By refusing to vote, you dishonour the sacrifice of patriots before you who fought for the right to vote.


  1. Remember that when they were fighting for the right to vote, they were not fighting for yesterday, they were fighting for today and tomorrow. They have handed today to you and I, can we secure tomorrow for the next generation?


  1. Remember that since the capital of Nigeria was moved from Lagos 24 years ago, precisely in December 1991, Lagos has been abandoned by the Federal Government.


The choice is yours, after all said. Please vote wisely, pick the ideal candidate of your choice and shun all forms of electoral violence. God bless Nigeria.


Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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