ICYMI: Arsenal and United Win Big as City Drop Points and Chelsea Stay Top

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Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool
Everton 1-0 Southampton
Leicester City 2-1 West Ham
Manchester United 3-1 Aston Villa
Swansea 3-1 Hull City
West Brom 1-4 QPR
Chelsea 2-1 Stoke City
Burnley 0-0 Tottenham
Sunderland 1-0 Newcastle
Crystal Palace 2-1 Manchester City

I can’t say I am not a happy man, I mean as a Chelsea fan I am. With City dropping points, the pressure is down a bit. But when I noticed Gunners were second on the table and just seven points behind, I just wondered why Chelsea won’t catch a break.

So, 2015 has been good for Liverpool so far. They were the only unbeaten team in the league in 2015 until Manchester United ended their run like a full stop ends a sentence. A 2-1 loss was what United needed and Mata the assassin. Brendan Rodgers menmen went into the match against Arsenal with the hope of keeping their Champions League dream alive. Little did they know that Arsenal came prepared, with three goals coming in succession in five minutes in the first half, the game was all but done. Sanchez’s goal is a contender for goal of the year in my books. A penalty in the second half gave Liverpool little bit of hope, all they needed was a miracle to overturn the goal deficit, they didn’t get that. Instead a fourth goal rocked their nets as Giroud added his name to the score sheet. Arsenal are second on the table.

Aston Villa posed no threat to Manchester United, a rejuvenated side really. Let’s not forget that United ended Liverpool’s unbeaten run, they went into the match against Villa on a high. They made no mistake in showing their renewed strength. Sanchez’s goal might be a contender for goal of the league, but Rooney’s goal is an obvious winner. United are third on the table.

Chelsea has been at the top of the table for a very long time. They need nineteen points from seven games to be crowned League champions. The first half was all Chelsea hashas thethey knocked the ball around and I felt like I was watching a training session. Chelsea came in from with when Fabregas was brought down in the box and Hazard converted the resulting spot kick. Then Courtois did a stupid thing. He tried to pull a Neuer and failed woefully. He was spotted off his line by Chris Adam who was 65 yards out, Chris Adam’s shot from his half of the pitch did not fail to make it into the net. A screamer that Courtois won’t forget in a long time. The second half saw Chelsea execute the same calibre of dominance they showed in the first half. Remy was on hand to put Chelsea in front again with two goals in two consecutive matches for Chelsea. Chelsea top the table with a game in hand.

My friend who supports Arsenal called my attention to City’s loss and i could not help the smile that made its way to my face. With shots and ball possession, in fact in every aspect Manchester City dominated. They didn’t have the goals to show for it as a Toure goal was all they had in the 2-1 defeat. City are fourth on the table.

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