Ibrahimovic Tags His Ban A Disgrace To Football

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Recently, Ibrahimovic bagged a four-match ban for his foul mouthed rant. The Swedish international has branded his ban a disgrace to football.

The PSG forward was caught on camera shouting that “France was a s**t country”. A diatribe he directed at the referee when PSG lost to Bordeaux in March. A rant which earned him a four match ban, with PSG having just seven matches left. Although he apologised, the LFP is not letting him go scot free.

The club has slammed the ban as disproportionate, with Ibrahimovic replying with the same displeasure.

“I was pleased as this proves what I have been saying,” Ibrahimovic wrote on his official app. “Now people can see for themselves, with their own eyes, instead of me just saying it.

“The whole situation has become a farce – it’s ridiculous and unprofessional, a disgrace to football.

“I would have been even happier if they had suspended me for the rest of the season so I could have gone on holiday already.

“There are no grounds for this ban. My words are not aimed at the referee. We had a normal conversation and he has confirmed this.

“If my words had been aimed at the ref I would have apologised when it happened.”

Oh well, it is what it is Ibra.

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