I Love EVERYTHING About Rihanna At The Coachella Music Festival Including Her BOOTS!

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The Coachella Music Festival might have come and gone, but it’s Rihanna that will linger on in my mind for a very long time.

So much happened at the festival, from Justin Bieber being kicked out of the festival by the security to the scandalous and talked about Madonna’s Kiss. Oh, yeah, she made out with Drake on stage.

Please away from these, I wasn’t much of a Rihanna’s fan until I summed up her lifestyle in one, SHE IS A NON CONFORMIST!

That perfectly defines my lifestyle as well as the lifestyle of my role models. From her body baring to tattoos, to her ‘IDGAF” attitude, Rihanna is completely bae. And the love I have for her moved from a “o – 100” in about a nick of time!

Rihanna attended the festival not as a performer but as a fan and what I majorly and I just can’t stop loving her. While Drake performed,  Ri Ri watching on in the packed out Indio crowd.

The only thing covering Rihanna’s modesty was a tribal necklace as she was seen dancing vigorously. Coachella is renowned for raising the bar when it comes to festival outfits. And although a whole host of celebs gave it their all this weekend, Rihanna’s eccentric ensemble was a hands down winner.

You think you love prints? Wait till you see what she did with her aztec print leggings and a poncho. She teamed it with a backless top-come-necklace and she slayed in it, adding a typical grungey spin to the look with the choker necklace and chunky boots.


Those boots are just what’s giving me a SHOEGASM (the orgasm you derive from wearing shoes). And they are BALENCIAGA!

Bad gal Riri is obviously fond of these biker boots, having been spotted in them on more than one occasion. With the statement monochrome sole, plus the fact they’re the product of a dangerously cool collaboration between Alexander Wang and Balenciaga, we can understand why!

I’d definitely run out of energy if I keep explaining to you how much Rihanna kept up my heart beats. Let the pictures you see below speak for her. #RiHUnited

RiRi and her girl pals at Coachella
Rihanna and everything about her on Fleek

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Images – MailOnline

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