“I Like French But I Wish I Was Still Married To Lamar – Khloe Kardashian

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Awww Koko misses Lamlam.

Reality star, Khloe Kardashian is missing her ex husband and wishes they were still married and we are not surprised.

The duo made a good couple when they were together until their split a few years ago.

Even though Khloe has maintained an on again, off again relationship with Rapper, French Montana, she still seems to miss her husband.

While granting an interview to E! news, Khloe said she really likes French but they might be on and off again for a while.

Seems like the star is trying to figure a lot of things out in her life at the moment.

She also seems to miss Lamar because of brother, Rob, who has been dealing with a lot of issues, his weight inclusive for a while now.

According to Khloe, Rob saw Lamar as some sort of father figure and their divorce might have taken a toll on him.

Lamar and Rob were very close while the former was married to Khloe.

We miss Khlomar for sure but in Hollywood, sometimes, your favorite couple never make it together again.

So we would stick with the memories… and watch old episodes of KUWTK



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