“I Hate That Bitch” Taraji P Henson On Her Hit Character, Cookie Lyon

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Empire might have wrapped its first season but the show is still creating a buzz.

One of the leading stars, Taraji P Henson has witnessed a lot of major changes in her life since the beginning of the show and she has been on almost all the major stations to give interview.

While on Seth Mayers’ Late Night Show on Thursday, the hot mama of one who plays Cookie Lyon on the hit show revealed some things about her character and the show that you might not know.

She knew the show was going to have the millions of views it did by the finale, right from the beginning

According to Taraji, when the pilot episode premiered and they had high numbers of viewers, she knew they were only going to get bigger. “So when the numbers grew after the second episode, I was like, well they’re gonna continue to grow because I know what we’ve done” she said.

She hates her character, Cookie
Taraji says of her Empire alter ego, “I hate that bitch, she has stolen my identity. Nobody calls me by my name anymore.”
Of course she was just kidding because she loves playing the character and because…

She does not have to call for reservations anymore
Taraji does not have to call for reservations anymore, now that her hit character Cookie has been birthed, she gets into restaurants without reservations.

Taraji P Henson


Taraji P Henson’s character on the show has re-introduced her to fans and media alike.

She created the name Boo Boo Kitty by herself!
Grace Gealey might not ring a bell, but Boo Boo Kitty definitely does. And that was not something the creators of the show came up with, it was all Taraji!
The star admitted to improvising some of her best phrases on the shows and they include, “Shut up, Dora” and “Boo Boo Kitty”

She’s so dope! We cannot wait for the second season of Empire to air.



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