How To Be A Real G: Learn From The Lagos State Governor, How To Land Your Future Wife

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The Governor of Lagos state is a real G.

Asides from running two terms successfully, warming his way into the hearts of Lagosians and becoming one of the best Governors in Nigeria, presently, Babatunde Raji Fashola is a badass at landing chics.

The Governor’s First Lady, Abimbola Fasola in an interview with City People, revealed how the leading man got her to be his.

And guess what? It was simple.

Just follow these easy steps

He was cool – The first lady mentioned how cool her husband was and that got her attention.

He clicked with her sisters – when you see what you want, you take care of what might be your obstacles in future.
The future Governor, well aware of how antagonistic his love interest’s sisters might be to him if he did not accommodate them, became friends with them and even partied with them!

He was friendly – No fronting, no attitude, no cockiness.

He had a job – He knew very well that swag alone don’t pay bills. So he was working when he met his future wife. And that was apparently a love language for his future Mrs.

He went for what he wanted relentlessly – After his father hooked them up, the Governor did not relent in his effort to make the then 27 year old Dame Fashola his.
He chased and eventually got her.

Fashola just scored some more cool points in our books yo!



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