How To Avoid Dating Complications With Single Mothers (2)

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In the first part of this article, we talked about some important tips that can help you avoid complications if you’re the type of man interested in dating single mothers. These tips include being a provider, never agreeing to babysit, being as explicit as you can and walking away the moment she withholds sex. There are some other interesting tips which are described below

Base the relationship on sex and nothing more
Well, except you’re interested in having a serious relationship or marrying her, the relationship should be based on sex and nothing more. Single mothers are great in bed because they are readily available and unselfish. Never get to mistake or equal the great sex you had with her with being a compatible companion as the moment you begin to do that is when her expectations from you changes. She will begin to expect that you treat her like a normal girlfriend in a relationship which would invariably complicate issues. That’s the moment you begin to hear statements like ” can we go watch a movie at the cinemas?” the answer is a big NO. If she suggests watching a movie in her house, you can do that provided that are kids aren’t around and that it leads to sex. Once you’re done, leave as quickly as possible.
More so, never confuse what you have with her with FWB (friends with benefits). You guys are not friends and neither of you are getting benefits from the other. Any form of attention, time or money you give to a single mother will only help to complicate issues. And remember never to underestimate her abilities to find a way to draw out some of your resources. Remember never to give her the opportunity as you’re there for the sex only.

Never get close to her children
Obviously, her kids desire a strong male presence and the moment you arrive, you’re like a superhero or knight in shining armour they want to mimic and rely on. Note that you’d probably be affected by the affection her kids will show you but the greatest service you can do for yourself is to avoid being close to her kids. Try as much as possible to avoid them and schedule your meet ups with her when the kids are at their grannies or with their dad. This will help save a lot of emotional street that would have come up.

Remember not to pay for anything
This may sound simple but maybe somewhat difficult. Remember that there is no need for you to break the bank trying to pay for things given that she draws financial rewards from a couple of people around her. Taking charge of her finances will only complicate things which you do not want.

Avoid a Long Term Relationship with her
This may sound harsh, but a lot of single mothers are damaged during who mostly couldn’t survive their previous complicated relationships which led to them walking away. This perhaps makes some of them terrible partners. Most single mothers are out there to trap a naive guy into taking care of their children and the moment you become committed by sharing an apartment with her or by marrying her, she automatically concludes that her children are taken care of. This may result in the more promiscuous ones going out to hunt for more satisfying men.

Bear in mind that it is not advisable for you to view single mothers as materials for long term relationships or marriage even though they make excellent bed mates except of course you’re considering spending a lifetime with them. Most of them have a mission to get a provider for themselves and their kids which makes them more vulnerable for sexual predation. They are mostly more matured and would treat you better than most younger girls provided you understand what they need from you and you remain in line.



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  1. I use to have a lot of respect for this blog until the article on dealing with single mothers. Permit me to say it’s the most horrible piece I have read in a long while. Encouraging your readers to further mistreat and mess with the emotions of a woman who has gone through hell and is probably trying to start life afresh is evil. I find this article totally distasteful and whoever wrote this piece is fucked up in his stupid brains!

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