How To Avoid Dating Complications With Single Mothers (1)

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Does any man need to be told that there are more than enough reasons not to date a single mother? Well, it is a terrible idea and if you find yourself in this somewhat self inflicted woe, you are most definitely doomed from the onset. The moment she has you grounded, taking care of another man’s child, she might take off to her ex or a new man to complement herself. This leaves you in a regrettable situation. However, this is not to say we do not run into beautiful single mothers from time to time who are attractive and possess the qualities of a real woman.
A good number of them possess good feminine qualities and may be a tad good at taking care of you and the home. But before you get carried away, I’m not one that advocates dating or having a serious relationship with a single mother except you are ready and willing to damn the consequences. But if you insist however that you want them perhaps due to the fact that they are much more easier to bed or play around with, we’ve come up with some food tips to get easy sex out of them without the pain of commitment.

Never completely avoid acting like a provider
Firstly, this is not to suggest that you must completely take care of all her needs but taking care of things once in a while will help her have the feeling of indebtedness to you. You must bear in mind that almost all single mothers are always on the look out for a guy that has the ability to make provisions for her children. The moment she has the feeling that you can provide for her and her kid, that’s when she’s ready to do anything to keep you. Anything you ask for in bed is immediately acceded to as she’s willing to go the extra mile to show you how much of a fantastic and wonderful person she is in order to get you committed. It is only if you’re looking for commitment that you’re allowed to revel in the attention otherwise, allow her to continue to think that there’s a chance that you’d be hers so that the benefits do not stop.

Never agree to become the babysitter
When you’re down with her, it is common to hear statements like ” can you take care of my son for an hour?, need to get to the mall” or ” my friends got a party and I need you to look after my daughter for an hour.” Never agree to this as the moment you start doing this, she’d start adding more and more responsibilities to those you already have which would give her more time to hang around with her friends doing practically nothing. “I need to run in for cigarettes.
the best way to avoid this is to make things clear the first time she suggests it as that’s always the decisive moment. Once you agree to it the first time, that’s it. If you disagree and she becomes furious about it, you can move on as there are lots of ladies out there with fewer baggage.

Be as explicit as you can
This is important as no matter how beautiful a single mother his, her appeal in the dating market is grossly reduced as a result of her being a mother (even though they would never acknowledge this fact). Since they know they have not that much appeal to bring to the relationship, they channel the energy they have into ensuring that the activities in the bedroom are those that will keep you around. It is thus pertinent that you take complete advantage of this by making the sex worthwhile. She’s most willing to participate in any form of adventure you bring up as there are no limits to what she’s willing to give.

Walk away the moment she withholds sex
She’d definitely withhold sex from you as time goes by. This is normal because of the various commitment she has which may make her underestimate your own sexual needs and make sex the furthest thing from her mind at a particular point in time. At other times, they try to withhold sex as a means of gaining control of the relationship but that shouldn’t bother you much as a man like you has different options to choose from as it is more tolerable from a childless 23 year old than from a 30 year old with a couple of kids.
The first time she does this, simply tell her how much fun the relationship has been and walk away. This saves you a lot of stress and is the ultimate move in this situation.

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  1. Utter bullshit!how to avoid dating complication with a single mother?how about don’t date her if you not into her!absolute rubbish,and offenssive there are some single mothers that are way better than ur average single girl.there r some nonsense statements wrritten here that I cnt even be bothered to argue,the only advise you should give your fellow men is to treat women with respect and love single mother or single girl and there won’t be any complication as u put.

  2. This is the most offensive article I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. I can’t get over how stupid, shallow & ignorant this piece is. As a single mom, I happen to know I’m better than most of the girls u’ll ever approach. And the fact that they let you put this crap out reflects poorly on the management. Shame.

  3. This is absolutely rubbish, I pray one of your family experience wat singles mothers go thru ….its way better not to write anything at all than wrote this bull shit

  4. OMG! did your moda abandon u as a boy? why do u hate women so much? gosh. I don’t even know why I read dis. I usually avoid ur articles. disappointed in 360 sha

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