Here’s What Oby Ezekwesili Had To Say About The Oba’s Threat-Filled Speech

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Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, is among several Nigerians who have strong words for Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, over his ‘gutter’ threat against the Igbos if they do not vote for APC’s gubernatorial candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Saturday. Ezekwesili, the Coordinator of BringBackOurGirl campaign, expressed shock at the utterance of the monarch, who reportedly threatened the leaders of the Igbos, whom he addressed in his palace on Saturday, with death if they refused to support efforts to vote Ambode as Lagos State governor on April 11.

She said, “It was shocking to hear applause by the audience at the meeting where Oba of Lagos made those statements. Kai, citizens, you’re better than this!

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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    1. Its uncalled for;that a traditional rule will go at of his ways in quest for canvassing support for a particular candidate and start saying vain words to other citizens of the country who have contributed so much to the development of Lagos and put such a threat;I thinks this is just the highest and we still say we are one Nigerian when a ruler threatens those he didn’t create or give life;all in the name of politics,such people will instigate another civil war if care is not taken,am disappointed to hear such vain words from a man you doesn’t know tomorrow;may God forgive him. Igbos go out on Saturday and for your choice and fear no words for God is with you all and will protect you;its your civic right to vote and ensure you come out en masse to vote for your choice because your vote is your right and power;God bless the igbos and God bless Nigeria.

  1. my good people of lgbos ndi biarran and ndi sauthearst time has come for us to vote in PDP in lagos state,the oba of lagos is not god our is alive god of igbos is greater than comon oba infat that man is mad for that statment he made, jimi agbaje is our chioce pls sons and durgthers of igbo lets vote wisly j k will no to hell with obas and APC .

  2. my brothers and sisters fear not, oba of lagos can not do us anything remember your vote is your right and power god bless biafran, igbo and bless nigeria

  3. ndi igbo nile no na lagos ekelem nu biko nu umunnem kedu ka anyi gesi ga agba nkiti na ihe oba kwuru na isi umu igbo na lagos biko nu ooo ke ihe anyi ga eme na okwua

  4. nonsense how could u,are u a God, watch u say to igbo people living in lagos because when it torches head it will equally torches all over the body be careful

  5. nonsense how could u,are u a God, watch
    what u
    say to igbo people living in lagos because when it torches head it will equally torches all over the body be careful

  6. am so ashame of d coward leaders of igbo in lagos. they applaud when someone treat their brothers. everybody has right to make a choice of his/her own.

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