Her Acting Skills Are POOR! Turkish Politicians Blast Oscar Winner Julianne Moore

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Oscar winner Julianne Moore was ditched from an ad campaign for her “poor acting skills”. OUCH!

The actress had been signed up to take part in an ad campaign promoting the country called Home Of costing $4 million.

She filmed the ad in LA, but when the finished product was presented to the officials they weren’t mad keen.

In fact, they were so disappointed they requested that the award-winning actress reshoot the entire thing.

For one reason or another Julianne Moore refused, meaning the whole multi-million dollar project has been scrapped, according Hurriyet Daily News.

Picture: Sony Pictures
Picture: Sony Pictures

The ad campaign aimed to show the star reminiscing about trips to Turkey as a child but officials apparently thought her performance was sub-par in promoting their country.

The Guardian claims that Turkish politicians involved in the project had also blasted Moore for her ‘depressive persona’.

Oh wow! We quite disagree with the Turkish people. Julianne is an actor extraordinaire.

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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