Has Lilian Esoro Dumped Ubi Franklin Over Domestic Violence & His Pregnant Side-Chick?

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Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin are no longer an item, according to many reports.

Signs of a crack in the relationship began to show after Lilian deleted her Instagram page and opened a new one, uploading all her old pictures but none of her new beau.

Things gathered more steam after Ubi Franklin’s ex/label mate, Emma Nyra entered the picture after a couple of interviews.

Emma Nyra had denied ever dating the MMMG boss, claiming they had only a working relationship, claims which Ubi Franklin denied in his own interview, claiming they did have a relationship and even revealing how much he spent on her.

According to SugarDaily, Lilian Esoro called the engagement off over allegations that Ubi Franklin made his side-chick pregnant, and that he was also a wife-beater, and that he wasn’t just good enough for Lilian.

The site said,

First of all, ubi is a confirmed woman beater everyone knows that. Emma is not the only one he has beaten but i wont name names. Moreover ubi was still sleeping with my friend up on till last month and even got her pregnant so imagine our shock that he is dating anyone let alone engaged. This life. And lilian loool, let me let you in on a lil secret about that girl she rides with the big dogs in town, ubi is just too small for her and the minute iyanya’s career is done ubi’s money is finished then she leaves. Hold on, a lady getting engaged isnt it supposed to be the happiest thing for her? How come it took her long to post a pic of her ring even the one she did is a repost of ubi’s. I dont know but to me she’s kind of hiding him and his ring. This is just my 2cents tho.



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