Governor Fashola Explains In 10 Key points Why Ambode May Just Have Won Saturday’s Election

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The recent controversial Oba Rilwanu outburst regardless, Mr. Ambode and his campaign team look to be cruising to victory. If nothing, they currently enjoy the goodwill and positive acclaim of the incumbent governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, a man who is perhaps the finest hand to have powered the Lagos engine in as long as we can remember.


Anyways, as Saturday’s election nears, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola outlines 10 key points that explain why the APC is the party of the moment.


As you cast your votes on Saturday, Babatunde Fashola (according to The Nation) wants you to think hard, think clearly, deeply and ask the following questions based on records:

  1. Who has shown a better record and example of protecting and securing you between the political parties?


  1. Which of the parties cares more when disasters happen?


  1. What is the record of the parties as it relates to the promises they have made to you in the past?


  1. Which of the parties do you see regularly and which one do you see once in a while?


  1. Which of the parties do you see when your life or property is threatened by epidemics like Ebola or by unfortunate accidents like plane crashes?


  1. Which of the parties is showing that you can become home-owners without knowing anybody?


  1. Which party has responsibility for providing electricity for you, and which one is taking up the responsibility to light up your streets and communities at night?


  1. Which of them cares more about your children and their safety?


  1. Ask yourself when last you saw the Federal Fire Service in Lagos. The proud men and women of the Lagos State Fire Service have taken over admirably.


  1. Ask yourself who should be supporting the police and who is actually doing it?


As he rounded off, Governor Fashola asked that the people vote honestly, remembering that choices have consequences and [the] votes will decide the choice that shapes lives [for another 4 years].


Do you agree with these points and all Governor Fashola has put forward here? Let us know your thoughts. Drop a comment or two.


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