Get N353,000 For Lying In Bed For Three Months, Find Out How

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How soothing is it to just lay down, do nothing and still get paid?

NASA is currently looking for volunteers to lie very still in bed for 70 straight days. Participants also known as ‘relaxtronauts’ will be paid £12,000 which equates to over N350,000 in Nigerian currency  at the end of the 10 solid weeks for just relaxing and doing nothing.

The programme begins with two to three weeks in a ‘bed rest facility’ to get participants in the mood. After that, the relaxation gets pretty intense, with volunteers spending weeks in bed, pooing in bedpans, and basically not being allowed to move at all. The last two weeks involve a series of exercises designed to restore some limb function.

NASA is investigating the long-term effects of zero-G on the human body. Volunteers will need to be healthy, lazy, an American citizen, and have ten spare weeks to do absolutely nothing.

Will you grab this opportunity of a lifetime?


Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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