Future Says He Doesn’t Care, Right After Ciara Goes To The White House With New Boo, Russell Wilson

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I bet you’d start loving me, soon as I start loving someone else, somebody better than you.

Ciara aint playing!

The “I Bet” singer who recently dropped yet another video for a track off her forthcoming album has been in the news for more than her music lately.

She has been in the news for her trip to the White House correspondent dinner with new boo, Rusell Wilson and possible dating between them both.

And immediately pictures surfaced of Ciara attending the White House dinner with her new man, her fans went in hard on Future.

And that was when Future snapped. He went on Twitter to tweet “I wish I  cared” and then, “Y’all mad as shit”


However, Ciara’s fans are having none of it. They believe he cares and he’s just trying to save his pride.

And everyone seems to think Ciara’s new man is a big upgrade because he is a superbowl winning quarterback and is allegedly about to sign a $135million contract.

Ching ching!

Now if that isn’t winning, what is?



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