For Verratti, It’s Messi Over All Of Them

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Paris Saint-Germain star, Marco Verratti has said matter of factly that he prefers Messi of Barcelona to Ronaldo of Madrid and Hazard of Chelsea.

The 22-year old midfielder with a quick feet missed the quarter final clash against Barcelona due to suspension, but has not failed to point out who is favourite is.

Hammering on the issue, he says Lionel Messi is the toughest player he has ever faced and the most captivating to watch.

“Yes, the toughest and the most beautiful to watch,” he told L’Equipe when asked if Messi was his sternest adversary.

“I have played against greats, like Ronaldo and Hazard. But I love watching Messi’s touch of the ball, his style.”

Okay verratti.

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