Five Things Rukky Sanda’s House Tell Us About Her

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She did it for the ‘gram!

Rukky Sanda took us on a short trip into her house yesterday and even though we were not ready, we were quite entertained.

And like they say, your home reveals a lot about you. More than you can imagine.

So what does Rukky’s house say about her? Find Out

All White err’thing

The couch, the walls and home theatre are all white and probably reflect the actress’ love for white. White is not an easy color to maintain and only neat people use the color in their homes.
That says a lot about Rukky’s sense of hygiene, doesn’t it?

Selfie Queen

The first set of pictures that begin the short video are selfies.
And then, there came the mirror selfie which is usually the favorite of every selfie lover and… mirror freak.

Rukky loves taking a picture of herself and we are not complaining

Gold Digger

One of the numerous movies under her belt as a producer is titled Gold Diggers, maybe the inspiration behind the name came from her love for gold?

Standing near her first two pictures in the Instagram clip are gold plated door handles.

You go girl!

She don’t play with her liqor.
The white interior might be all up in our faces but what we don’t miss is the little bar where the actress’ drinks stand.

She’s a show Off
Rukky has taken several pictures of herself around her house many times. The pictures which she took reveal that.
Who would not show off that type of apartment if they had it?

Go on Mama! And more sneak peeks please.



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