Find Out What Celeb Might Be Disagreeing With Wendy Williams’ Theory On Career Before Marriage. Hint: She Is Frank Underwood’s Wife

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Last week, Wendy Williams sparked a huge debate when she said on her show that a woman should dedicate her twenties to building her career and start raising a family only after.

From American blogs to Nigerian blogs, this was a debate that went on for days with different sides making valid points.

However, Robin Wright, the actress who plays Claire Underwood in Netflix hit show, House Of Cards, might not agree with her.

Wright who is 49 and who was married to actor, Sean Penn (who had been previously married to Madonna and who is now rumored to be engaged to Charlize Theron…oh they do get around in Hollywood) for twenty years (they divorced in 2010) and who has two kids, abandoned her career in the early to mid nineties to focus on raising her children.

According to Wright, “I don’t look back and think, ‘Fuck, I missed putting my kids to bed for four straight years because I was in the theatre”

The mother of two who has received critical acclaim for her portrayal of ambitious Carrie Underwood, went to add that she didn’t regret a day she spent away from raising kids while she missed out on the big pictures and turned down offers of acting in big roles.

And she definitely was getting the offers, because Ms Wright was supposed to star side by side Kevin Costner (yes the hot bodyguard from that movie with him and Whitney Houston) in a movie where someone else took her role.

With a hit show in House Of Cards and numerous award nominations, one can’t help but see her strong and valid point.

Sometimes, leaving the business to be a family woman is the right thing.

So who do you side with? Wendy or Robin?



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