Final Nigeria 2015 Presidential INEC election results: Buhari (APC) wins #NigeriaDecides

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Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election Results

Here are the final official INEC results of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results from each state in Nigeria that was used to declare General Muhammadu Buhari as the next President of the Republic of Nigeria.

Professor Attahiru Jega, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), announced the final  collated 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results.

14 candidates, fielded by 14 political parties participated in the election. We’d like to announce the votes for each party

Since it was a two horse race between General Muhammadu Buhari (APC) & Jonathan Ebele Goodluck (PDP), we have highlighted APC results in green; PDP results in blue

AA – 22,125
ACPN – 40,311
AP – 30,673
ADC – 29,666
APA – 53,537
APC – 15,424,921 (APC & Buhari Wins)
CPP – 36,300
HOPE – 7,435
KOWA – 13,076
NCP – 24,455
PDP – 12,853,162
PPN – 24,475
UDP – 9,208
UPP – 18,220

Other 2015 Nigeria Presidential Election Statistics:

Accredited voters – 31,756,490
Total valid votes – 28,587,564
Rejected votes – 844,519
Total  – 29,432,083



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  1. I join the teaming fellow Nigerians to congratulate Mr President-elect, GMB, for his undisputed victory on the polls. I must however hasten to advise the next president not to depart from the incorruptible attribute he is known to have, for this is precisely why Nigerians of all background trooped out to vote him into power Saturday March 28, 2015 and not voting the party per se. Let Mr President-elect now have at the back of his mind that he shall become a president for all Nigerians regardless of ethnic nationality, creed, or region of the country come May 29, 2015. GMB should settle at work with a clear agenda to tackle the ills of the nation that can be encapsulated with one word: CORRUPTION. Mr President should also act decisively to rid Nigeria of the menace of Boko Haram to complete the on-going effort put in place of late by the outgoing President, GEJ
    Long Live Mr President! Long Live Democratic Governance!!. Long Live Secular Nigeria Federation!!!

  2. may almighty Allah should control and put his mercy in all his endevour so as to deliver a qualitative and reasonable work to the nation at large without any bias as most of the useless and selfishnee ss,sE region are thinking of. long live general in democracy.

  3. We thanks god for seeing the end of free and fair election and I congratula our new elect president fomar military rular general muhammadu buhari and greethings to jega

    1. I couldn’t congratulate JEGA, because INEC released presidential result twice. First to the public and it was aired on CNN on monday and latter at the collation centre ICC abuja. Full detail result was hoisted on APC websites before announcement. I mean the 36 states including FCT. Jega is tribalist. I and from Kano and I knew what happens. The entire process was fraudulent.

  4. Dear Fellow Nigerians,

    The results of the Presidential Election that was announced by the determined, unbiased INEC Referee, Professor Jega has heralded a new hope for Nigeria in the comity of developing nations with growing democracy. It is noteworthy to state the statesmanship and maturity displayed by the outgoing President, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan. It is now obvious that it was not really the President that was Nigeria’s problems but other Nigerians who were feeding fat from his administration.
    My candid advice to our President Elect is to please live by his words, keep to his party promises and take his time to search for technocrats that will help him build upon the economic foundation laid by the out-going administration. I salute the courage of Nigerian voters who for once abandoned all for the course of effecting change in our country’s sphere of governance. Once again, I want to thank all Nigerians for this uncommon courage, hope, maturity and resilience displayed in the course of the election. It should also be stated that this is the first time in the history of our dear nation that several lifes were not lost in our elections.

  5. Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah help Buhari. No tribalism, and Mr Buhari don’t forget idiom “many hands make light work”
    We (Nigerians) must give you our helping hand.

  6. What a soothing atmosphere! For the first time the voice of the people is being heard, kudos to Prof. Jega, more power to your elbow. My utmost prayer is that “may GMB walk in the light of God’s word, amen. Long live Nigeria!

  7. Am very greatful to God for the outcome and total conduct of the past presidential and federal house elections.
    At the same time I commend the professionalism of Prof, Jega for his courage, determination and wonderful approach he displayed during and after the elections. This is the first time we had results are being realised by those who are directly in control. Furthermore, congratulations to fellow Nigerians who sort for change, looking for better futures that will guarantees quality and good development , growths, employment, education, good roads and better economy that ensures standard’s of learning.
    Therefore, the presedent elect Buhari ensure that you live by your wards and be careful with those arround you so as to achieve the long a waited result of the peoples desire.
    Long live Nigeria , thanks to you media people , thanks also to group of professors whom Prof. Jega used all of are catalists remain blessed.

  8. It is indeed a thing of joy and happiness that true democracy has returned to Nigeria.To me,I think this a new era for Nigerians.let’s pray the almighty to lead and direct the incumbent and to give them the ability to do more great things than their predecessors.Accountability and good governance is the watch word.#Nigeriadecides#

  9. I am mostly thankful to the Almighty God for non destructive loss of live during this productive national election. And Congratulation to GMB for his victory. It is a significant advancement in Nigerian Politics since I have known politics in Nigeria and the world. Finally I congratulate Nigerian voters who their conscience during this important exercise. We all will benefit if the winner applies most of what his platform envision. Onward March Nigeria. This is the right direction.

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