Fergie: Messi and Ronaldo Are Unsurpassable

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You know Sir Alex Ferguson? That knighted manager. The same man that led Manchester United to their 20th premier league trophy. Well he has something to say about the two top players in the game. I mean Messi and Ronaldo of course.

It’s factual that Ferguson coached Cristiano for 6 years at Manchester United before he was sold to Real Madrid. This great manager has also come up against Lionel Messi.

With his experience of the game, he says both players are at the apex of the game and it’ll take something special to surpass them. He believes no one not even Neymar, at least in this age, possess the potential or what it takes to overtake them in football.

“You’ll always look at clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United to produce that kind of player you’re talking about,” he said in an interview with SiriusXM FC.

“But to be honest I’m not sure there’s one sticking out at the moment. The boy Neymar gets a lot of publicity about the potential he’s got, but I think that’s still to be seen, still to be fulfilled.

“Certainly, most people I speak to speak highly of the boy. When I had Anderson at United, he spoke volumes about the boy’s ability.

“So hopefully he’ll be the next one who’ll produce the type of talent we see in Messi and Ronaldo.”

I agree with the man. It’ll take something special to surpass them. I’m yet to see their kind of skill set in any other player, but it’s only a matter of time before someone comes.

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