Fast And Furious Seven: The Review

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The premiere of Fast and Furious was marred with the death of longtime franchise star, Paul Walker who plays Brian O’Connor. The irony in his death, there is always irony in death, is that he died of a car accident and has always survived daredevil vehicular stunts through the course of the franchise.

On to Furious 7, the best I’ve seen so far (go and argue in your father’s house).

From the get go, I knew this one would be action-packed, the trailers did not even prepare me well enough.

This part was about Owen Shaw’s elder brother seeking revenge against Dom and his crew for putting his brother in the hospital. Deckard Shaw, Owen’s elder brother was played by action star and knife specialist; that’s what Jason Statham is really. I saw the movie with friends and one of them said he’s not used to Statham playing the villain, but he was doing a pretty good job.

The first fight scene featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays Agent Hobbs going toe to toe against Statham. And oh my word, what a fight. I could actually feel the punches landing. Top notch really.

What really sets this one apart from the other movies in the franchise is the stunts they pulled.

If I’ll rate the stunts it’ll score 9.5 out of 10.

The craziest one I saw was when the bus Dom’s team team attacked was going over a cliff and Brian O’Connor ( Late Paul Walker), had to run on the side of the bus as it was falling off the cliff and vaulted onto Lexi’s car. The theatre erupted. I mean, everyone was screaming obscenities and whatnots. That was the craziest stunt they pulled off and I’m pissed that didn’t kill him and he had to die in real life.

There’s this one they pulled and they must explain to the world how Dominic’s car did not explode as he launched it down a cliff. It is scientifically impossible for there to not be an explosion. The car endured a fall that saw it wrecked beyond repair and will only be salvaged for parts.

There was one with cars floating with the aid of a parachute. Physics tells us that’s possible, but when Dom and Brian drove a car through three buildings and the car didn’t just free fall, I was like “ahn ahn, how is that possible?” Well, we’ll take it.

There is a lot of action but I’m against spoilers so I’ll just pim.

It’s not all action though, there was the romance between Dom and Lexi, and I almost got tearful when Lexi brought Dom back from the brink of death with sweet talk and all. Tell him she remembers everything. One good thing really, her memory is back.

The comedy. Oh Lord the comedy, Roman and Tej pulled that part off without a hitch. Tej and the crew making fun of Roman and Roman being the joker. Roman is a class act.

The action was top notch, had everyone on the edge of their seat and screaming. The comedy had everyone laughing, someone even snorted. And the romance had everyone awwing and making weird noises.

The franchise didn’t kill Paul Walker though, they retired him. Which in action speak and movie speak and covert speak, in every kind of speak sef means he’s dead.

They did a good job, closing the movie with a poem of the sort from Vin Diesel who plays Dominic Toretto.

I’m really looking forward to part eight. If there is ever one and I’m sure there’ll be.

I’m rating it 8.9/10.

It Is a must see.




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  1. Actually your rating is right, the last 5mins go me so emotional that it drew tears from my eyes. I guess that’s it, the Fast and Furious Franchise should be over. Cos Vin Diesel was like One Last Ride

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