#FactsOnly With Osagie Alonge – Nigerian Female Artistes Have A Relatively Low Shelf Life!

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Welcome. This week, @Osagz focuses the discourse on the female artistes in Nigeria today, especially in aspects of their longevity in the business vis-à-vis their male counterparts. And honestly, it’s a painful comparison as the female numbers pale in comparison with the males in the Industry.


Osagie Alonge: Facts Only, 360nobs
Osagie Alonge: Facts Only, 360nobs



Osagie expresses concerns over this reality, stating Sasha as the one female with a relatively ‘long’ career span in this 21st century Nigerian industry, but is quick to strike her off his list seeing as her last major project was a 2006 album.


Same as Weird MC, who has been around for some time but lately “hasn’t been active music-wise”…


In all, this clip highlights the probable dangers, rather issues facing investing in a female Nigerian artiste seeing as they could have a relatively low shelf life, or be more expensive to manage and all of that.


I should let you see the video tape for yourselves and say what you feel. Have a look –




Having watched, what do you make of the clip? Let us know in the comments section below. Till next week.

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