Elections; A Veto On The Nigerian Celebrity

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The election season has come and gone with all its drama and boy! Aren’t we all glad it is finally over…phew! From stupid comments to even more stupid arguments and let’s not even get started on the adverts…Sigh! All in all, i think it is safe to say we are all happy it was peaceful to a large extent.

Before I delve into what I am on about here, let me state CLEARLY that I am not a hater o or an etcetera , because I know a lot of Nigerian celebrities seem to have the ‘haters syndrome’ (to be discussed more another time *wink*).

Oya! Now that I have cleared myself, here goes; As a celebrity, one of the facts you need to come to terms with is that your ‘opinion’ on any issue no matter how trivial, weighs a lot more than an ‘average’ person’s, so do not think you can air your thoughts without getting some form of reaction from people..No sir and ma! It sucks I know, but deal with it!

Politics has always been and is still a very sensitive and controversial subject to get into no matter who you are. So, dear celebrities do not just jump on board the politics range rover because it is the ‘trend’ of the day! When you are paid to decide to ‘endorse’ a candidate, best believe you will be called out one way or the other, why? You are basically telling your fans if you have any ‘I want you to vote for……’ So, for an issue this sensitive that affects millions of lives, do you expect people to just sit down and take your word on who to vote for, because you jump around fiddling with a mic, or turn up on our TV screens making gestures that are supposed to be translated as acting acting and what other said celebrity job you do??  *this will be the perfect time to insert the picture of Jonathan looking perplexed with a finger on his nose*.

It  is okay for you to state your choice of candidate during an election but do not shove it down our throats and turn your social media accounts to campaign headquarters because you have been motivated by money policies…it is simply distasteful and quite frankly, insulting to the public! You might as well call it another endorsement deal to add to your roaster where you show up on set to dance, jump, sing and what not, to advertise a product, do necessary promotion on your social media accounts and get paid.

The stupid comments made by the indomie brain party members Doyin Okupe, FFK, Fayose, Ayedee during this election, are not even as insulting as these celebrities who reduced such a national issue at this sensitive period in the country, to a joke of dancing, jumping around on our TV screens because the credit alerts received caused their hands to shoki…LAWD!

Some even went as far as making some statements I still can’t comprehend till date and its best you don’t even try to as it might lower your IQ. Like, how can you tell me to vote for a candidate because you entered a train with ‘normal’ people after your range rover stopped working and blah blah…what level of denseness! Or a statement like ‘you can die for a candidate’….how is that supposed to make me vote …*I am still confuse ?* by all means, goodluck! *no pun intended* we will not die with you ehn, there are people waiting for the opportunity to fill up your space on our TV screens.

What irks me most is that most of them lots jumping up and down from one event to another organized by political parties didn’t even give a REASON for ‘endorsing’ a particular candidate. But you want us to just ‘pless our hand’ for the candidate you told us to because you are a celebrity? Okay continu mama peace voice! That we like your songs, movies, skills as a footballer no, not you Yobo or jokes does not mean that we will automatically hand over our lives, our future to a candidate that you told us to. That is not how it works mr and mrs celebrity.

Now, I know people will bring up ‘but Jay z, Beyonce e.t.c endorsed Obama and co…So what is wrong’? Here is the difference; Celebrity endorsement in developed countries, in the US in particular is to raise funds for the said candidate, not the candidate or political party paying you! The celebrities endorse a candidate they align their ideologies with, so as to help bring in funds for the candidate’s campaign, hence Jay Z, Oprah, Diddy, Beyonce and more organizing concerts and dinners independently to raise funds for Obama. Secondly, the endorsement of candidates is done to encourage youths to vote! Not just to vote for a candidate you want them to. There might be some behind the scenes hula hoops we do not know, but this is what we know; they did not jump around and embarrass themselves for a candidate.

Notice the difference? You endorse a candidate because you agree with his policies, ideologies but how can you do that when you do not even know what they are, or you do not even educate us on what they are. You endorse a candidate not because he promised to do so, so and so for your industry when it does not even affect the lives of the people you are telling to vote. You endorse a candidate because you believe he will lead the country right not because your pockets are fuelled by said candidate!

If you cared that much, why didn’t you organize a campaign like 2Face’s Vote Not Fight which was independent, with the aim to encourage people to vote and respect people’s view…Lots of people’s admiration and respect for him grew and he did not have to jump up and down like you lot to achieve this.

You all care for Nigeria, yet you were (are) not this enthusiastic and vigorous to come forward and speak for bring back our girls campaign, the senseless killings in the north, the ALUU boys and other issues. Yet election comes and suddenly you all are ‘politically correct’??, please take several seats and stick to your ‘celebrity’ profession.

P.S: I hope this election period taught many of you that you are not as ‘influential’ and relevant as you think. ✌



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