Double Standards: OAP Freeze Slams Celebrities For Marching Against Piracy

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Cool FM OAP Freeze has hit out against celebrities who marched against piracy.

Piracy is a problem which has plagued Nigeria’s entertainment industry, with the incoming administration even promising to battle the problem.

Freeze, who has developed a reputation for being a watch connoisseur, has criticized the artistes for standing up against piracy when they also purchase pirated wristwatches.

Freeze wrote on Instagram:

“Celebrities marching against piracy yet they wear fake (Pirated) watches. Stop patronizing sites like these and maybe, just maybe they would stop pirating your movies and music. Funny thing about piracy is that it only hurts when it’s been done to you! The same way it hurts when your material is being pirated is the same way it hurts #Rolex #FranckMuller #Cartier #Hublot #Panerai #Patek etc.”



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