Done For Real? Chris Brown And Karrueche Snub Each Other At Coachella

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Well, according to Daily mail, that is exactly what these lovebirds did – snub each other.

Karrueche who broke it off with Chris when he fathered a baby while they were together, was at coachella with her friend, Christina Milian and according to Daily mail, even though Karrueche and Chris Brown were close, they did not speak.

Karrueche reportedly danced and had a lot of fun and did not seem to miss her ex, Chris, for a second.

Chris Brown was seen hanging out with Justin Bieber, an old friend with whom he has recorded two tracks and Azaelia Banks, the Queen of controversy.

If you ever doubted Karrueche’s ability to live without Breezy, well here is your answer.

Go girl!



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