Did Young Thug’s Male Homie Actually Kiss Him? || Gay Or Nay

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From wearing female dresses to calling his homie his lovers and rumored gay relationship with Birdman, this is not the first time YMCMB’s Young Thug has been caught amidst controversies as regards his sexuality.

He even went on to social media to boldly ask, “What If I were gay?

According to Mediatakeout,

Young Thug and his homies were at his label mate Cash Money Jacquees party. Thug just signed a MULTI-MILLION DOLAR DEAL with Cash Money, she he’s making sure all his homies are EATING. He gave Jaques $10,000 cash . . . and one of Thug’s homies decided to give ya boy a LITTLE SUGAR . . .

See the photos they got below.




We don’t think that was a kiss tho. Looks more like he was whispering into Young’s ear. What do y’ all think?


Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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