Dencia Calls Out Lupita Nyong’o For Staying Quiet About Kenyan Terror Attack

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Earlier today Dencia took to Instagram to condemn the Kenyan massacre. She also expressed her disgust that Kenyan celebrities abroad were not saying a thing about the terror attack which left 147 students dead on Thursday April 2.

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Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. I think dencia is a jealous, childish attention seeker. Lupita said she doesn’t know her, so what’s her headache? Why use each opportunity to hit at lupita? If lupita had said something about the killings, would her speech undo the damage done and bring the dead back? Dencia should grow up, her jealousy is becoming obvious in the way she picks on lupita. I like the fact lupita’s silence to everything dencia says show that she is truly not worth knowing or noticing.

    1. i agree. Nothing she says is going to make a difference and she is obvously not an attention seeker. what if she syas she doesnt know Dencia why is that so surprising????

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