Corper Narrates How He Was Mobbed By Protesters in Ekiti

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A corper serving in Ado Ekiti narrated his story on Nairaland on how he was beaten by a mob and barely escaped with his life for trying to take pictures of what he thought was a peaceful protest.

Earlier today, buses blocked major highways in Ekiti and lit bonfires to stop the impeachment process of Governor Ayo Fayose. Here is the story below;

I’m still in shock over what happened to me today.

I’m a youth corper serving in Ado Ekiti. On my way to the office Ado Ekiti this morning, I observed that the Fajuyi park area of the town was blocked by security operatives and motorcycles were not being allowed to ride through. I was puzzled as to what was going on, as I just got back to the state from my hometown d night before. Anyway I proceeded to my office. About two hours later, I heard some singing and noise from outside. As l was kind of bored, I decided to go and observe. On getting to the outside of my office complex, I saw a large crowd of people singing and walking on the main road. I realised they were protesting. But since there were no sign of violence, I presumed, albeit wrongly, that it was a peaceful protest. Therefore, and in order to test the picture quality of the phone I just bought, I decided to take pictures.

That was a very grave mistake, I now realise. Immediately, a man saw me taking the pictures, he descended on me. The crowd followed suit and before I could mention Jesus, I started receiving blows and slaps from everywhere. The shirt and inner shirt I was wearing was torn out of my body. After the security men managed to restrain d crowd, I was told to delete d pictures, which I did. The crowd was not still satisfied and insisted that I give my phone to them, so they could smash it. I refused. Another round of beating then commenced, this time more viciously. I was pushed to the ground and they were all raining blows and slaps on my body. I managed to extricate myself from the melee and ran for my dear life. Some tried chasing me, but I was quicker. I then went to hide in a part of d complex.

After about 5 minutes, a vicious looking guy came to meet me where I was hiding and said I should give him my phone, else he finishes me off there and then. He said he has been instructed by the powers that be to either smash my phone or finish me off. Or in the alternative, he will take me to d crowd waiting fr me outside so they can deal with me in their own way. I started begging him and told him I was just a youth corper and I was neither a politician or from Ado Ekiti. After showing him my NYSC I.d. card and giving him the last 500 naira in my wallet, which he requested for, as bribe, he let me go and instructed me to go and hide as best as I could. I was later transported outside the premises by a good Samaritan, before I found my way home.

Though I’m an ardent follower of political happenings in the country, I have never been a fanatic, and I never expected this type of behaviour from rational human beings. Mehn, these guys where filled with anger, and they could kill without hesitation. Politics should not be a do or die affair. It is high time we jettison this culture of barbarism and embrace peace and dialogue. Anyway, I’m thankful to God, that it didn’t get worse than it did. Though I’m feeling pains all over my body, I’ll survive and at least I still have my phone.



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