Commonwealth Youth Council Tells Muhammad Buhari To Involve Youths In His Admin

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The Commonwealth Youth Council has congratulated Muhammad Buhari on his victory in the 2015 Nigerian Presidential elections.

In a statement signed by the council’s chairperson, Ahmed Adamu, the council asked Buhari to involve youths in its government.

Adamu said;

“There is no better time than now for Nigerian youth to work collectively in pursuing a youth development agenda. The Nigerian youth must take their rightful position, be in the centre stage in a democratic society.

The political outcome was determined by the youth’ votes; therefore, their voices must matter in governance. Young people must form at least 30% of the political positions at all levels. This is the new campaign for the Nigerian youth. The youth must demand for a youth minister and active involvement in decision-making processes at all levels.

General Buhari should never assume that the new job will be an easy one. To make the job easier, Nigerian youth must embrace the spirit of patriotism and sense of responsibility and work together as a people to build the nation. However, to build the nation, the youth must be built.




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