Club Or Church? Kendall Receives Backlash For Her Easter Sunday Outfit

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Kendall might not have presented herself holy and acceptable in the sight of the Lord yesterday for the Easter service she attended with her family and the fans are letting her know!

The 19 year old model and reality star was spotted with her family, all wearing coordinated white ensembles to a service on Sunday morning.

Tyga, who has denied having an affair with 17 year old Kylie several times was also spotted with his baby (pun intended), Kylie, and his biological baby, King Cairo.

And Mama, Kris Jenner was with her new beau, Corey, who is 33year old.

However, everyone was covered, even Kim who has many times bared it all (from the infamous sex tape, to Instagram and basically, for everyone in the world) but Kendall wore a top that exposed her stomach and that has caused her to receive backlash from fans.

Kendall’s ensemble might not have been appropriate for a Sunday service but it is certainly a fashion inspiration.

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