Chris Brown And Four Nigerian Male Celebs Who Wear Their Emotions For You To See

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They wear their love like a perfume.

Chris Brown and Karrueche might be a soapy drama that has gone on for too long in our lives but we cannot help but still get interested whenever news that features them both is revealed.

The Pop Star who recently performed with Wizkid in South Africa might not be relenting in his efforts to show his ex boo how much in love with her he still is.

And he has been showing a lot of that on Instagram and Twitter.

Karrueche is either oblivious to these moves or she does not care.

But we see and here are four other male Nigerian celebs who have worn their affection/emotion for us to see on social media.

Ice Prince

The Rapper’s only love is not music and blings at the moment, it is safe to say that he is also very much into his girl because he flaunts her on his Instagram for us to see and reveals to us when he is missing her.

It is good to see Ice Prince has a side like this and that his beau is as much into him as he is.





We don’t know  if Sira, Davido’s lady love wants Ferrari, designer and his money.
But one thing we know for a fact is he is into her like crazy and he misses her whenever they are not together.


He also thinks nobody else compares to her.

The OBO who has been in the news in the past for very wrong reasons, seems to have a heart after all. And it beats guys! It beats for this 19 year old beauty.


It is certainly refreshing to see Davido vulnerable and goofy.




Back when Tania Omotayo just walked into his life, Wizkid was not shy to show her off on his Instagram.

It was the first time he was flaunting his chic for the world to see and it revealed to his fans that when he loves, he loves for real.


Also, when he had a short break with her a while back, his fans saw first hand because he posted pictures about it on Instagram.

Wizkid and his pal, Chris Brown might have more than music in common after all.

Mofe Duncan


The upcoming Nollywood Actor recently engaged his girlfriend and put pictures of them both on Instagram.

But she was not his first.

And he constantly shows the women in his life.

Mofe is clearly one not shy to show the world who he is loving and who is making him happy at the time.

And can we fault him? When you love, you gotta show it!


Would you flaunt your bae on social media like your favorite stars?



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