Buhari Is Not An Electable Leader – Doyin Okupe Insists

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The Senior Special Adviser to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, insists that the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, is not an electable leader.

Okupe, on Monday said he would stand by his words that Buhari, who he said had no West African Senior School Certificate, was not eligible to contest for President.

He stated this on his official Facebook page, “These are very interesting times in our nation. An election has come and gone.

“A victor has emerged and the loser has conceded.

“Yet some of our folks are behaving as if we have just gone through a war between two hostile nations.

“The APC agents all over the place are unrelenting in their tirades of abuses, insults and lies against President Goodluck Jonathan, his aides and supporters.

“Yes, I said Buhari was not electable. I also said his victory will not happen. I said and I still insist that Buhari has no WASC certificate.

“I said a lot of things to promote my candidate and many things to put his opponent down.

“I have no regrets for any of the statements I made. Lai Mohammed said worse. This is the nature of politics. For anyone who cares to listen. We will be back, period.”



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  1. Mr D.Okupe you are a louzy noise maker and a bad representative of Nigeria..if you claim one man is not a leader,are you a leader?soon Nigeria will be unbearable for your kind,its either you change or you disappear.shameless uncle.see what money/ego/kudi has turned you to.

  2. Mr D.Okupe hear me well,I’ll be contesting for presidency year 2027,if you are still alive by chance,then I’ll make you pay for all the errors/horrors/wrongs you brot on Nigeria/Nigerians. Shameless man.

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