Buhari Imminent Cleansing On NNPC Sends Quiver Down The Spines Of Corrupt Politicians

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Following the consistent insistence of Nigeria’s President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on probing into the sleaze in the country’s main source of economy, especially the NNPC, many corrupt politicians have basked in the ambiance of overwhelming trepidation.

Excluding fuel subsidy, which many allege to be a drain pipe, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, is considered to have been enmeshed in deep corruption for the past 16 years. To these grounds, the Corporation has questions to answer on issues bordering on unremitted funds.

Before his election, Buhari had given respite to corrupt politicians when he announced during one of his campaign rallies, that every “sin” committed before May 29 hand-over date, will be forgiven.

However, all that have changed as the retired General made a u-turn over the weekend, vowing that his administration would probe the $20 billion allegedly missing from the coffers of the NNPC.

Speaking on Sunday when he played host to a delegation from Adamawa State led by the state’s governor-elect, Bindow Jibrilla, in his campaign secretariat, Mr. Buhari said although he received information that some persons already started returning money to government coffers, he would only believe it when he “sees it”.

I heard that some people have started refunding money, but I will not believe until I see it.

“His royal highness, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was removed from the Central bank because he said that about $20 billion was missing, instead of the government to investigate the matter, they refused, instead they sacked him. As God will have it, he is now the Emir of Kano and that is exactly what he wants to be.

“He has already written all the detail report on it, the incoming government will not ignore it, even though we have promised to draw a line, but $20 billion is too big to ignore. This is Nigerian money and it must be investigated,” Mr. Buhari said.

Following these current developments, it was learnt that there is serious anxiety among the top leadership of the NNPC.

“Everybody in the oil industry is afraid over Buhari’s u-turn; there was relief in the industry when he said he would probe corrupt activities that took place before May 29, but his decision to now probe the missing N20b has changed all that.

“It is clear that he may even go beyond that missing N20b because the NNPC is a terrain he knows very well. So, he has put all politicians, especially those in the oil industry, on their nerves”, a source said.



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  1. Thank you President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, for your willingness to open up this issue, it’s a lot of money…and after the investigation; we must bring these thieves to book. Importantly and the best solution regarding Nigerian Oil….is to Nationalize Nigerian oil fields, oil blocks, oil wells…whatever name it’s called. It makes no sense, when you have a country where individuals control oil blocks, making over 400 to 500 million naira daily…. In addition, these groups are also paid oil subsidy for importing oil products, they could have refined here in Nigeria. WHAT A WASTE?
    What will makes sense, is to nationalize all the oil blocks, revoke the oil block licenses from these individuals and build refineries to create jobs for Nigerians, which would trickle down to lower gas/petrol prices, employment for the people and tax revenue for the government and development in our communities…
    It was a crime shame that President Jonathan could not build one refinery for his people in Bayelsa State… To President Jonathan, can you imagine the anguish you will live with for the rest of your life, when you had the opportunity to make a wonderful legacy…

  2. Shagari’s regime (1979-1983), incurred Buhari’s wrath when it decided to investigate the US$2.8 billion that disappeared from the Midland Bank, London account of the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, (NNPC), during General Obasanjo’s era as military head of state that preceded Shagari’s. Dr. Olusola Saraki, Turaki of Ilorin, was the majority party leader of the Senate at the time and he headed the Senate Committee set up to trace the stolen money after some three years of clamour for such an investigation by members of the civil society. Ironically Sarakis son is now the bosom pal of the CIA and Buhari in APC- That is Nigeria for u. Nonetheless–the said missing2.8bn which Buhari stole, was traced to the Midland Bank London branch fixed account of Obasanjo’s appointee as military head of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company. The Committee’s report was presented to the Senate during the tail end of Shagari’s regime in 1983, so the House decided to deal with the matter and expose the rogue military head of the NNPC soon after the 1983 general elections. But that was not to be because Buhari struck at midnight to sack the government of his Fulani brother–Shagari–That is the man who now claims he want to investigate Jonatha—-who was never indicted by by any report on the issin 20bn–that another Fulani relation of Buhari now the tainted Emir of Kanos raised—–against Jonathan–4 moths after he was caught stealing in CBN-So HAD TO LIE HIS WAY OUT VIA THE COVER OF THE NIGERIAN MEDIA IN THE SOUTH WEST-

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