Bitch Stole My Music: Rihanna Has Been Accused Of Stealing Her Hit Single

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Rih might want to call Pharell and Robin Thicke for moral support.

While we are still trying to get over the lawsuit won against Robin Thicke and Pharell for Blurred Lines, we have been thrown in shock again and this time, it is about Princess Rih.

The Pop star released her hit single, Bitch Better Have My Money, about a week ago but it seems like things won’t be fine in Rihanna’s camp for now.

When the track dropped, a few of Houston rapper, Just Brittany’s fans, came for Rihanna and accused her of stealing the rapper’s single from 2014 called, Better Have My Money.

The songs have been reported to undoubtedly have the same hook and beat, with Brittany’s version having a faster pace.

Brittany has stated that she is a fan of Rih’s music and that her management is looking into it.

Hopefully this is a case of serious misunderstanding and the two parties can sort it out before it becomes another highly publicized lawsuit.



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