Asari Dokubo Makes New Threats Following Jonathan’s Defeat

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Asari Dokubo, who earlier promised to unleash violence on the country if President Goodluck Jonathan loses out on the elections, has issued a new threat.

He promised to return “to the creeks” and blamed the Yoruba and Hausa for working against Igbo and Niger Deltans saying that the election of General Muhammadu Buhari as president “is a clear indication that the country is not united” and blamed the Yoruba and Hausa for cooperating to frustrate Jonathan, who hails from the Niger Delta region.

In a comment released by his spokesperson Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro, Dokubo saud: “Nigerian union clearly reinforces the fact of self determination and that Nigeria remains a very divided and separated entity whose claim to unity remains a fraud of gargantuan proportion.

“The celebrated victory of Buhari is not the victory of the people but victory of regional conspiracy and supremacy. The voting pattern has clearly shown that the Gambari North and the Yorubas are United in the conquest of the Niger Deltans and the Igbos of defunct Biafra with the middle belt now used as pawns.

“The victory of Muhammadu Buhari is a historical reminder that we are a conquered people who are mere appendages existing at the pleasure of the supremacist and the regional overlords.

“We remain a people separated by our ideologies and interests, we are not integrated nor reconciled.”

Former militant supposed that the elect administration could endeavor to sabotage the interest of the Niger Delta and called for a return to the creeks.

He added: “The conditions that advanced the need to embrace the creeks have been sadly re energised, it is clear that a vicious government who may maim and murder the voice of the so called minorities may have just been birthed. Indeed integration is nonexistent as regional gang ups and supremacy is symbolic with this victory.

“While President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan enjoys his moments and bask in the euphoria of a now world renowned statesman having congratulated Muhammadu Buhari his conqueror, we must quickly remind that our struggle was never about Jonathan nor about presidency.

“President Goodluck Jonathan was an establishment beneficiary of our struggle, our sweat and blood that many bled and died for,  he was never in the struggle and he can never wish away our collective march forward for statesmanship. Yes Indeed to an extent he was a  mitigating factor in self determination pursuit as we went on sabbatical, this mitigation he seem to have willingly repudiated.

“The days coming will be critical, we shall study all the conditions and consult widely before determining the way going forward for our collective existence and survival as a people. The days coming shall either drive the quest of integration or further separate us.”



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  1. I am ryt behind u dokubo…one Nigeria is a taboo and has to stop 4 d interest if d unborn and little ones…I am ready to do anything just to make sure there is nothing like one niZOOria..

  2. I am ryt behind u dokubo…one Nigeria is a taboo and has to stop 4 d interest of d unborn and little ones…I am ready to do anything just to make sure there is nothing like one niZOOria..

  3. Nothing is going to happen,its just a mere threat.for its God want and God’s word will forever prevail.#justfearGod

  4. All d militant should go back to d creek nd start blowing up all d oil pipe line and kidnapping all d expactrate in niger delta to mak d country also ungovernable 4 buhari just like he did to as he promised to d Goodluck administration… D end of boko haram and d resurrection of d niger delta militant. Let’s all watch out

  5. Dukobo is a stupid and selfish man! Na only ur people go rule Nigeria? You should be jailed 4 treason! Idiot. God Punish am

  6. Buhari will bliv dat even he & the Yorubas must never keep one or two steps ahead of de South-easterns & south-southerns. His regime must never fail to be bloody regime. For whomsoever sows the wind must reap a hurricane. There’ll be no peace in Nigeria — can we bet?

  7. Docubo have said it all… still… the. igbo that voted apc will have dem selves to blame… I am not against APC, but there Presidential candite… how a pure igbo man stand on a Queue to vote for buhari?? Even when you were offered money to do so, can’t apply your own measure to vote for your happiness?? Now people who voted for buhari without knowing the history are now regretting.. Please the igbo and some part of Niger Deltans… Need A very good orientation… for voting in buhari, mean we still have many animal from the zoo in our midst

  8. Lol@chinedu dats true am so devastated at dis criticism by d igbos and yorubas but they will regret dis for life militant pls strike

  9. Buhari & co are just calling peace/change by name. Very soon they’ll acknowledge what goodluck saw during his regime. We’ll overcome the Hausans/Yorubas. God punish their Unity & conspiracy. Our hand will be on thier neck till when we’d break away from Nigeria. Thunder fire them 100 trilion times.

  10. You see you guys r d ones inciting violence and later de wud say its d people 4rm the north and south-west well there is a saying do on to others what you want others to do unto you ironically if you incite violence the same violence will consume you keep on venting your hate nd one day u wud look bck nd wish I dd’nt do dat all d same I pray 4 a better nigeria nd God 2 change d kind of minset most of you have today let d millitants go bck 2 d creek sef make una blow pipe line bigfools if una blow up every tin finish I go see hw una go take survive wey b say na only the oil de help una think before u act be wise

    1. Let me tell you something militant ended cus they now paid by govment. Now you think they will still have such access after jonathan have left?? Lol before commenting. Think back and imagine the future

    2. @ MMelikam, why should a “militant” be paid by the government? By reason of who they are they belong in jail. With their fellow Boko Haram counterparts. Who gives a government job to Hamas, ISIS, or Al Qaeda? You tell me. It’s either they responsibly join security forces or be flushed out. You sit there spewing rubbish that you cannot handle if it ever happens. Can you imagine? Who is Asari Dokubo?? Piece of crap.

    3. And for your information, I am Igbo through and through and I supported Buhari from the get go since he ever came out for president. No apologies to anyone.

  11. It’s quite unbelievable that enlightened youth like you guys would speak this way in this time and age when we are all praying for a peaceful Nigeria. War has never helped any nation in resolving it’s problems and it would never do. The main problem I have is. When people focus on a government for their personal gains and not for collective growth of the nation. I believe in one Nigeria regardless of whether Buhari or Jonathan rules. All we call for is good governance. Besides, I wonder why the south east and south south are sounding bitter. They also had a conspiracy thing going on there. But because it didn’t work in their favor they are now ranting. I think what the deltians should be asking from Buhari’s govt is their plans for them becos they have a right to do so and with the fall of oil price in the international market, blowing pipelines is just doing them more harm than good. Nigeria can’t depend on oil as it is. The nation has to diversify. So please let’s all stop this hate campaign and focus on the main issues. Nigeria is for ALL and not a particular region.

  12. It’s nt gonna b business as usual Bro. Rememba Wat Obasanjo did to u? Dare d retired no nonsense General nd u wil get it lyk neva b4.If u go ahead and do Wat u ar promising, who wil b @ d receiving end in d long run? U nd ur pple of course. D Igbos wil exonerate demselves frm ur stupidity nd u wil pay dearly 4 it. Need I remind u dat u wana start something u can nt finish hence, repent so as nt to regret in d near future Bro.

    1. Don’t mind them. Was Asari not locked up during Obasanjo’s tenure. They think the General is as weak as Jonathan. Someone who fought Maitatsine, a terrorist group made up of people of his ethnicity and defeated them, then Dokubo and Tompolo think they will have a free hand. May the Lord arise against anyone who threatens the peace and progress of this nation.

  13. I tell u, d conspiracy against GEJ was too much. Even d so called vice president and Gov Yero of PDP lost APC, deputy Senate pres. And gov Suswam of d PDP lost to APC. Dis clearly shows dat election ws nt voted due to performance bt tru ethnicity. Nigeria has neva bin and will nt b united. D battle line has nw bin drawn. Let’s wait n see wht will follow frm nw on.

  14. I bet it with u,Dokun u will routine in jail,u can be greater than a nation,stop fooling yourself,what happened in south /south and south east was also a conspiracy,don’t start what u can’t finish,is just a warning,kindly accept as it is,for u to enjoy the money u made in Jonathan administration jeje.

  15. No body has mentioned war… please there is different between war and fight so please Anonymous we don’t know what you are talking about…

  16. This man did not know what he’s saying at all!!! Is it only Yoruba and Hausa that are in APC? Or what is He saying that doesn’t make sense at all.

  17. U guys never witness war, u re just making
    senseless noise cos u never experience it at all. igbos were not wise at all. if u like go to hell not even creek, fool @ 40 is fool 4ever. are u the only one to rule naija after all u re a total failure i mean Gej. administration, be wise enough guys & stop making such utterances. ok?

  18. Dokubo I strongly support you, and I also know the conspiracy between the two ethnic groups that share
    Common interest in everything; all aspect of life, religion and etc. You must understand that this conspiracy did not start today but from inception and
    Of which the outcome was the bloody Nigerian civil war (Biafran war) which no one will want to witness again. My advice is that we should wait and see how the president elect will perform within a short time with the all magic CHANGE ringing tones and then we will know what next. It’s very good to change a style if the other does not work, but not by gang up. The truth is that we want this change to happen to nigerians as soon as possible the way they expected GEJ to at a short period of time if not Dokubo we will support you when you strike, but you must strike rightly and with good reasons and at the proper time.

  19. Wait Dokubo to see if the president elect is a man of his word or a double face personality, lets wait and see if he is a repented person from what he used to be as well, let us also wait and see if it is God or gods that brought him there. All we want is for equal rights to every Nigerian as he had stated in his first letter to all fellow Nigerians

  20. Pls d fact is dat we al want a peaceful n nice country 4all tribes,if buhari is d best candidate so be it…jonathan administration failed his brothers,so let’s try CHANGE

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