APC Offers Olisa Metuh Six Weeks Special Training As Opposition Spokesperson

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Mr. Lai Mohammed, the National publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has reacted to accusations made his PDP counterpart, Mr Olisa Metuh, that the ruling party have perfected plans to destabilize the party by poaching its key members.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, denied having any hand in the crumbling of the opposition party, while Lai Mohammed offered Metuh a free six-week crash course on his new role as the opposition spokesman.

Speaking via a statement in Abuja on Friday, Lai Mohammed  said that during the training, Mr. Metuh will be given free lessons by his APC counterpart, in the spirit of cooperation and for the advancement of the nation’s democracy.

”Metuh will need the training to effectively carry out his new, tough task. It is now obvious that he needs to understand that for him to succeed in his new role, he must be credible, empirical, more sophisticated in language use and very passionate, in addition to being able to operate on a lean or zero budget,” it said.

APC said it is ludicrous, to say the least, for anyone to suggest that the APC is seeking to destabilize the PDP, when the erstwhile ruling party has done such a great job of crumbling under its own weight, having gorged on the commonwealth.

”Really, it beggars belief to say that the APC is seeking to lure away members of the PDP’s NEC with ‘phantom promises and threats’, with a view to destabilizing the party, when everyone knows the rate at which PDP stalwarts have been rushing to jump off the sinking ship called the PDP before it finally tips over.

”Our National Chairman and our President-elect have even spoken out publicly on this issue, encouraging the eager PDP defectors to stay back in their party so they can provide a formidable opposition to the new ruling party. How then can anyone accuse the APC of either luring away PDP members or seeking to destabilize a party that has done itself in?” the party queried.




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