AC Milan Goalkeeper Diego Lopez Says Muntari & Essien Are Not Good Enough For The Team

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AC Milan goalkeeper Dieo Lopez has questioned the ability of the team’s Ghanaian duo, Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien.

Diego Lopez said this during a Facebook interview ahead of the club’s derby match against Inter Milan.

A fan had asked about the cutest players at the club, and Lopez responded:

“Muntari and Essien, they always smile, always think positive. They do not have the technical qualities that the Milan fans would expect to see in the middle of the field, but better than nothing.”

Both players are expected to leave the team in the summer, with Muntari linked to the MLS and Essien reportedly drawing attraction from the Indian Premier League.



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    1. Diego Lopez is not saying the truth. He is just pleasing the incompetent actions of the racist and ignorant coach Inzaghi so that he would play him all the time.
      Both Muntari and Essien are far far better than all the current Milan midfielders but because they come from Africa, Inzaghi is blaming his incompetence on them. Shame on him. Berlusconi will kick him out by the end of the season because results speak Inzaghi. Idiot.

  1. Actually, I checked AC Milan’s Facebook page and I saw the video. He praises Muntari and Essien for their attitude but never once mentions their skill. This article is a sham. Check it out yourself.

    Secondly, Muntari and Essien are our weakest Midfielders.I love Essien myself, but there’s not denying that he’s just not doing as well at Milan as he was in Chelsea years ago. Muntari is someone I’m not fan of at all – he gives the ball away too easily and now it’s been confirmed that he refuses to to play for the rest of this season after he found out management was not going to renew his contract.

  2. @ forza Milan,
    I can’t believe what you are saying. That Muntari and Essien are the weakest link in Milan. First of all, Muntari is possibly the strongest link of Milan’s midfield if given a chance. He can score good goals from a distance, can tackle and can win the midfield battles easily than the other midfielders in the current Milan team. If you want, check how many times Milan win games when Muntari start games for Milan. They win most of the time when he starts. Inzaghi clearly want to use European players rather than the skills of Muntari and Essien. He should stop the descrimination. Both Essien and Muntari has played for top top teams in the past before they joined Milan and so no one can say they don’t have the technical ability to play for Milan. That’s is complete nonsense. It’s pure racist thoughts.

    1. Assisi,
      I can see that you have not watched Muntari and Essien play recently. Muntari was once a very strong defensive midfielder for inter milan, but has since lost the polish on his ability.
      Here is factual evidence. It’s a player profile of both players
      And from those, you can see neither player has a strong impact on our games. At the bottom, there are player ratings for both players for the last games they played.
      In contrast, here are our players who do play well:
      See how the ratings differ?

      Regardless of what you think of either players skill, there are facts that no one can ignore.
      Fact: De Jong, Lopez, Van Ginkel, Suso, Zapata and Honda are not European and are our best players. They get game time as a result.
      Fact: Muntari threw his Milan shirt to the ground in a fit of rage earlier in the season.
      Fact: Muntari has flat out refused to play any more games for Milan – he has specifically asked not to be played in any future games after he found out Milan will not renew his contract.
      Fact: Both players are already planning a move to American MLS after this season.

      Decide for yourself. No one is forcing you. But don’t pull the racism card on players that simply have not performed well.

    2. You sure you’ve been watching the games Assisi? There are plenty of other foreigners in the team getting game time because they’ve been doing well. Muntari and Essien both have been poor in my opinion, commentators have criticized them and other Milan fans think they’ve done poorly. From what I can see it seems like you’re from Ghana yourself and you just have a biased opinion of them.

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