7 Rules Of Survival For The Promiscuous Man

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Men are biologically wired to enjoy the thrill that comes with dating, romance, and sex. These things offer unequal excitement and satisfaction as a result of the love men have for conquest. Before getting to the sex stage, the fame is fully encompassed with misery, ecstacy, rejection and acceptance. This is not to say that many men do not struggle to get a place in the dating market especially when it comes to having sexual interactions but a wide array of others have a strong foothold in the game which makes them have options from a wide array of women.

Moreover, the fame is full of risk which is difficult to avoid. Men that love the thrill and excitement are advised to take measures that reduces risks and complications rather than those that would reduce or completely eliminate sexual opportunities. Every successful man who is charming and good at the promiscuous game should make effort to take away his pride in the success of bedding multiple women and should rather concentrate on ways in which he can reduce complications arising from the risk.

For this reason, we present some of the tested and tried tactics which can encourage an increase in sexual opportunities for every man and at the same time provide pointers to help reduce the risks with minimal collateral damage. However, bear in mind that this article does in no way suggest that you should live by these rules but serve as a means of finding a balance between adventure and caution.

Reject unattractive, bad, or crazy girls
Every one should know that every sexual intercourse you embark on comes with a risk even as some come with more risks than others. Not all intercourse comes with equal benefits or pleasure even as it is always tempting to want to grab all that is available. Maybe it is better to let go of the ones that aren’t that desirable especially those that are crazy, act bad and plain unattractive ones.

Never set out to bang and dump
Well, when sex comes up too quickly, then the possibility of bang and dump is high. Sometimes, the women you meet won’t be as exciting as you think they’d be and as such has to be let off after sex. The only acceptable part of bang and dump is when the lady in question is unattractive or a loose canon. Various factors such as the cost involved, the risks and minimal benefits expected makes it less desirable given that other better options are available to you even though it may not be at that particular point in time.

Keep the lies as little as possible
Conventionally, certain lies are deemed acceptable in the dating and prowling game. However, others such as those involving fidelity could be potentially explosive. What seems like the easiest way to avoid this logjam is to ensure that you keep a vague approach to the telling of the facts and the existence of the relationship.

Never allow things escalate too quickly
Everything has an advantage and that of allowing things escalate quickly is that it makes the sex come up quick. However, the problems outweigh the benefit as any girl that allows such is a loose canon and may be crazy in some ways. This may not be immediately obvious and it doesn’t provide enough time for either of you to assess the inherent risks.

Keep records of sexual activities
It is important you keep a record of romantic and sexual liaisons. The way and manner you do is not important so as long as the records contain the pictures, names, addresses, dates and type of sexual activity engaged in. If it is possible, include descriptions of the people and circumstances that surrounded your meeting her and engaging in sexual activity.
The diary may come in handy in a situation where you get a sexually transmitted inspection and you’re trying to do contact tracing. Also, it may help protect you from false rape allegations and pregnancy claims which can be refuted with the information you have recorded especially regarding the type of girl she is and her fidelity. On the humorous side, it will also help you analyse your performance and how successful your tactics have been. However, ensure that no girl ever sees it as that would raise some serious dust.

Keep a distance in relationships
The rule here which is probably the most important is not to allow temporary girls get into a permanent position. It is important you limit the contact that may come up between such ladies and important people and areas of your life. Allowing closeness and interactions between your family, neighbours and friends with such women is tantamount to playing with fire.

Never make things worse when it’s over
At that point where it’s all falling apart and accusations are being thrown about, resist the temptation to make matters worse. Try as much as possible to avoid the temptations of making smart comments, sending text messages and arranging for a last meet up. Expressing your anger or trying to assert yourself will only make matters worse. Never ever do these things as she’s dangerous. And remember she doesn’t really have an important foothold in your life.



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