360Nobs Exclusive! Shaydee Talks About His Love For Funke Akindele, Seyi Shay And Wizkid || Sheds More Light On His Just Released Video

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Shedrack Folarin Adeboye isn’t a newbie to the Nigerian entertainment scene, having started music way back his early childhood days while growing up in the Northern part of Nigeria. He professionally began his music career 5 years ago and fast forward to today, one can say so much has changed about the young, vibrant, energetic and beautifully voiced music act.


Signed on the EME Record label, Shaydee, as he coined this name, has gone on from the next door boy to be one of the most promising artistes on the Nigerian music scene, with inspiration from American RnB fame, R-Kelly, as well as Chris Brown.

Over time, he began to appreciate the likes of Wande Coal and Wiz kid. 360Nobs caught up with the very interesting Shedrack SHAYDEE and we had a lovely chat, caught up on quite a lot, and a lot of laughs!


Give a little bit of insight as to the idea behind the video;

The song, yeah, is pretty much about how I feel about a certain girl. The story line applies to everyone. At some point, you’re crazy about someone and you feel you’re addicted to. So we used the video to paint an extreme picture. the video is about me falling in love with a girl but she happens to be a stripper and I want her to stop, but she has to do what she has to do to make money.

Was it like you didn’t have the money, to help her out?

Erh, no. I had money, but she was enjoying the strip business.

So the video was directed by Banky?

Yes, Banky W and Adasa cookey.

Are you much of an actor because, from your expressions in the video, you did well.

Yes, I’m a character sometimes. I like to act. I’m definitely going into acting maybe not full time, but I’d do a cameo.

Who would you like to work with, in Nollywood, because that the beginning?

I’d like to work with Funke Akindele. I love her delivery. She’s exciting.


What brought about the stage name, ‘Shaydee’?

Yes. My real names are Shedrack Folarin Adeboye and my friends shortened my name. When I started music, I was looking for names but Shaydee had been there so it naturally took over. I simply tweaked the name to make it seem like I’m a shady guy

How many years has it been since you started music?

I started music professionally 5 years ago. But I’ve always done music from the scratch

From the beginning till date, what has changed?

For me, I’ve grown to a level where I know I understand myself and I’m just trying to put enough material out there for my fans to have enough of me because it’s a journey. When you put out a single, first of all, some people would like it and some people might not like it and some would look forward to the next track just to see what the artist is capable of doing. So I’ve learned a lot as an artist and as a recording artist and I’m comfortable with my music.

As regards your fashion and style, do you have any major inspiration?

I really don’t. I even just started rocking ripped jeans. For me, I like to wear stuff I’m comfortable in and look good. As long as I look quite presentable and comfortable

What kind of relationship do you have with Seyi Shay?

We’re colleagues. Strictly business.  No movies, no ice cream.

To an extent, you had an impact on seyi shay’s song featuring patoranking. What do you have to say about it?

I came up the whole idea, the chorus and a major part of the song and it was meant to be a duet (myself and seyi shay) and at a point she needed to include patoranking. He did well, and as we all know, the song went far.

Do you have any major music influence?

When I started music, I was trying so hard to sing like R-kelly. R-kelly was the most valuable artist then and I always tried to sing like him but growing, I began to appreciate the likes of Chris Brown, and then for the local scene, Nigerian artistes, I like Wande Coal, WizKid. Right now, I’m pretty much into my own creativity and seeing what I can achieve with my music.


Do you have a dream crush since you’re not seeing anyone?

None for now.

So it’s all about the career now?

Yes. For now.

What state are you from?

Kogi state.

Did you grow up there?

No. I was born in Kano state. I stayed in Kaduna state for a bit and then I moved to Lagos.

What’s the most valuable piece in your wardrobe?

It depends on the piece. Sometimes I like watches, sometimes I want to reckon with something else.

Any particular designer?

I like Hublot because it’s classy. Rolex is now a common thing. Most people use it for the show. As long as the wrist watch fits, I’m fine. I am a non conformist.

Do you have any particular artist in Nigeria that you’d love to feature, no matter what?

A few people. Funny enough, I have lots of songs with Wizkid.

Why are you not releasing these songs?

Timing has a lot to do with everything. Starboy is family (2nd family). I’m trying to drop an album first and then push my brand. That’s just what I am about.

When should we expect the album?

I’m working hard to drop it this year.  By the last quarter of the year.


Have u ever faced a fan/celebrity embarrassment even on social media?

Things like these like these happen you know. they are inevitable. On social media, yes. A lot of people feel like they can say stuff and they do without know the root of the matter. I don’t pay so much attention to most comments. Other times, I reply a few.

Do you block people off your social media accounts?

Yes, I do. Countless people.

You’re single, you’re searching or not searching or not yet searching? What’s your status?

Pretty much single, not exactly searching. Focusing on my career. My major relationship goal at the moment is my career getting to the top.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done? …..

Erm….Mehn… (laughs)

On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you?

Ermm… I would say 9.

What is ADVENTURE to you?

Doing what you are not supposed to do. Doing stuffs you are scared of doing. What is not expected of you basically, so I like to be spontaneous sometimes.

Have you ever sent someone a nude picture?

(Laughs) … I think I have, lol, but in my secondary school days tho. Not now, it’s very risky. (laughs) If you want to see me nude, you know how to see me.

Do you have any tattoo?

No, I don’t have. first, I am dark enough, I dont want to ruin my skin with any painting whatsoever. I like to see on people, cos, it does fi some of them, but for me? I’ll just pass on that one.

Any reports as regards your latest video? What’s the acceptance like?

I’d say this is the cleanest video I have shot since I got into EME. It’s special for me because the song is a very good song, a first project of the year, it’s been getting positive reviews. Banky came up with the story and it went well according to plan so that’s whatsup! It’s gaining grounds a whole lot.

If you have a wish in the next 24 hours, what would it be?

I want to have a billion dollars.

What would you do with it?

Don’t worry (laughs)…….I have plans.

What do you do at Leisure?

Sometimes I watch movies on my laptop, I visit a lot of sites. I like to see what’s going on. I like sports, basketball and football, although I don’t have a football team. Like I wake at 2am just to keep up with the NBA. I am a huge fan of b-ball. Although, not a tall man, but I am good with the B-ball.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Dubai is good, a very beautiful place. I like Kenya too. It’s a beautiful place. Irrespective of the mayhems going on, it’s a cool place to visit. With time, I am going to tour, but for now, I am still chilling.

What would you say as regards the inhumane xenophobia attack in South Africa?

It’s so sad because when we hear stuff like this, one wonders if we’re really humans. We pray for peace. These are things we can’t even explain. Things done out of bitterness. Some things you can’t explain, and I just hope that peace reigns.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most times, the beat of the song goes a long way to influence me, or an experience in the past. Sometimes I put myself in a creative mood or in someone’s mind.

No external inspiration whatsoever?

(laughs)… I do wine. White wine. Wine is cool.

Watch Shaydee’s new music video here—–> HIGH

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