10 Reasons Why Mamas’ Boys Are Great Husband Materials

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Over time, people have had controversies about mamas’ boys. They believe they are no good and women generally flee when they sense a man is so into his mother. A mama’s boy may not neccesarily be a man-child. He is grown and has a mind of his own but still holds his mom in very high esteem. He doesn’t joke with his mom and very attached to her. It is not entirely a bad thing to be a mama’s boy or to date one. They are great people and these are 10 reasons you should date a mama’s boy.


1. He is very sensitive: he is the type that is responsive to your feelings. He knows when you are hurt and when you are happy. He knows how to handle whatever situation his boo is in and always ready to put a smile on her face. He will put off his shirt for you to keep you warm, cook for you and serve you in bed. The mama’s boy doesn’t want to see his woman sad, he’s always there to make things right for her.


2. He is Responsible: most of the mamas’ boys are products of single parenting. Their mamas took out time to teach them how to be in charge every time. They’ve been acting father since the father left or died, so they are always very responsible. The mama’s boy provides for you at all times, he won’t cheat on you and is always on time. You can depend on him always.


3. He is a sweetheart: he will take you to out on unexpected dates, he will buy you flowers, candies, chocolates and all those sweet stuff. He is not ashamed to show you off. He will proudly tell everyone about you. He is the type of guy that will give you gifts even you are not celebrating anything. He is just so sweet and very caring.


4. He is the thoughtful guy: he will shop for you because he knows how tiring your work or schedule can be. He pays attention to every little detail about you. He is a very good listener and hardly forgets important stuff you tell. He will stay up with you all night just to help you finish an assignment or project. The mama’s boy is concerned about your well being.


5. You are his princess: you want to go to Paris on vacation, he will do it for you. You want the moon, stars and even the sun, he will get it for you. He is ready to go extra mile for the one he loves. As long as he is capable, he is ready to spoil you silly.


6. He is very respectful: trust a mama’s boy not to raise his hands to hit you. He understands women are precious beings and should be handled as such. He respects you and everyone around you. He is careful with his words so they won’t hurt you.


7. He is a gentleman: the mama’s boy is the one that will open the door for you and help you carry your bag in public. He is the kind of man that is soft spoken and never acts irrationally.


8. He is courteous: he exhibits courtesy. He is polite and has really good manners. He is considerate and you can’t help but be proud of him.


9. He is a wonderful cook: you don’t have to worry about the long late hours at work and in traffic, boo is busy in the kitchen. He makes the most delicious meals ever and trust me, women love men who know their way around the kitchen.


10. Love is his middle name: these mamas’ boys have good experience. They know how to love you right. The kind of love you think belong to the fairy tale world, they are so good at dishing it out. They make wonderful partners. They are ready to go extra miles for you. Trust me, these people know how to keep their women happy.


Mamas’ boys are kind-hearted, gracious and very homely. You can be rest assured that he is always on point. He is trustworthy, reliable and very caring. He will make you tea and rub your back when you have cramps, he is that sweet. He is everything you want in a man as long as you get around the fact that he has a mama somewhere that he is even more attached to. And if you can stand the mom breathing down your neck every minute, you have yourself a husband material; 100000000000yards!!



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