Zidane: I’d Say Yes To Madrid Job

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You know Zidane? Yes, the France legend. Also Real Madrid legend. Hell, he’s a legend in every sense. A footballing god if you may.

Zidane who said last month that he never thought he’d be a coach, has admitted he’d take over has Real Madrid boss if he was offered the job.

Zidane, 42 worked as an assistant under Ancelotti last season. He currently coaches the castilla side of Real Madrid. He has admitted it would be hard to say no if he was approached to take over from the Italian.

He told Canal+: “If the post of Real’s coach was proposed to me, I would certainly agree. But there is a coach right now who is doing a very good job. And I’m in a structure and still learning.

“Am I ready for the job? You are never ready, and even if you’re not you still say yes. As a player, I didn’t forge my career in two years. Things happen gradually. In coaching, it will be the same.

“l’ve learned a lot from Carlo and he knows what I think of him. He is the perfect coach for Madrid, despite what people say.”

Don’t forget he worked under Mourinho also, this Frenchman has watched great coaches at work.

Is he the change Madrid needs?

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