“You Are Having TOO MUCH SEX” Doctors Attack Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been trying so much and everything within their capability to get a second baby. Hence, her doctors have warned her that she is having TOO MUCH sex.

Some time ago, the reality TV star revealed she has sex 500 times a day all to help her pregnant.  Kim spoke to E! News that the couple, who are already parents to almost 2-year-old North, been advised to cut down by specialists.

Kim and Kanye

Kim is baffled as to why she hasn’t conceived yet and has decided to stop following the rules in a fresh attempt to get pregnant.

She also told the network: ‘I’ve done everything so perfect to try and get pregnant. There’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing and I was perfect for eight to 10 months and now I don’t understand.

‘I’m going to do everything that I want to do and that includes going platinum. Hopefully, I will get pregnant doing all the wrong things. I’m totally changing my tactics.

‘I’m over it. I’m over trying, overthinking it, hence why I dyed my hair blonde.’

And Kim is particularly baffled why people who don’t want children seem to conceive so easily.

Kim Kardashian

She joked: ‘Literally teenagers on meth get pregnant in two seconds. It’s crazy. When you don’t want to be pregnant, it happens.’

While we pray Kim get pregnant soon, we suggest she comes to Nigeria the second time and we can introduce her to a couple of stuffs that can get her pregnant ASAP! Trust us!

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