Wiz Khalifa Calls Amber Rose A Hoe On New Single

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In a new single featuring Juicy J titled ‘For Everybody’, Wiz Khalifa comes for his stripper ex-wife and baby mama, Amber Rose, calling her a ‘hoe’ and a ‘thot’.

On the track, Wiz said he fell in love with a stripper and fell right back out of love.

Wiz raps;

“I fell in love with a stripper. Funny thing is, I fell back out of love quicker. Bottles be turnin’ these girls into thots. Instagram be turnin’ these wives into h**s.”

In another line, he said’ “You all ’bout that money, that sh*t that I throw. Just make sure you clean off that pole.”

In the song, he also references Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, and Drake, and claimed the ‘stripper’ has hooked up with all of them!




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