Why You Should Never Date A Model

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Every man has this untoward attraction to women that are models. Be it models on the runway or those that graze billboards and television screens, men have a natural craving for their bodies which exhibit perfection. Unfortunately, we are wrong about our perception of models as perfect as they hardly ever make good life partners. Just like the rest of us, models are imperfect and have negativities which may mar dating experiences with them.
There are several reasons why you should never consider dating models, including the fact that asides their normal human flaws, their profession adds serious points as regards why they shouldn’t be considered as candidates for serious relationships. These reasons are discussed below:

They could be intellectually poor with drab personality

Like it or not, most models are dumb. The chances of you being dumb too is high if everyone around you answers to every single one of your whims and caprices simply because you have a beautiful face and nicely structured body. There hare very few models in the world that have said something intelligent or captivating enough to rouse our intellect as most never seem to be able to develop their intelligence and only rely on their beauty. They are sweet to look at but after you’ve had sex with them a couple of times, there’s nothing left in the bag and you simply can’t tolerate them no more.

They constantly want to be flattered and accepted

Models are vain and constantly live in awe of people’s acceptance. They mostly lack self confidence and cherish flattery which is perhaps due to the fact that they know their beauty will fade away someday and just want to be constantly told that their value hasn’t depreciated. However, we all know that a larger percentage of people only like them for their pretty face which they constantly enhance with makeup and plastic surgery. If you’re planning a date with a model, you’d have to give her at least a three hour head start if you hope to make it to the event at all as they spend hours ‘perfecting’ their faces and staring at their vain selves.

Every man wants her, especially the rich

Well, if you’re planning on living long, you’d better stay far away from models as there are more men (especially the nouveau rich) who want a date with models. Models are highly in demand as men hope to satisfy their sexual cravings with them which will most probably do you no good as majority of these men would be richer, better looking and much more charming than you are. Invariably, you will be constantly anxious and doubtful of her as different types of men constantly make a move for her. If you however still decide to marry a model, the best bet is to put her in purdah or move to an extremely secluded location where the barrage of admirers and seduction would be low.

Models are terrible bedmates
It is a proven fact that a lot of models are terrible sex partners given the fact that most men are simply satisfied with staring at their outward appearance and nakedness. This alone doesn’t propel them to learn more of sexual satisfaction as they believe a peep at their bodies is enough to turn men on. Thus, most models have the worst sexual abilities and you might be disappointed when you realise that having sex with them is akin to making out with a log of wood. They lack the requisite skills to satisfy the typical male cravings and don’t ask me how I know this as if you discard this warning, you just might find out the wrong way.

Models are extravagant to say the least
Despite the fact that all models always have it at the back of their minds that their careers would be shortlived or end someday, they fail to have the decency to spend frugally and save for the days ahead. It is however hard to blame them, given the fact that they get paid outrageously high to flaunt their bodies on screens and billboards. Nonetheless, it will be wrong of you to assume that you are dating a rich girl as they would rely on you to satisfy their financial needs. Most would exhaust their earnings before they are 35 and would require a rich man to carry them through the latter years of their lives. If you ever want to date one, do so during their prime years when the money comes as she can easily overlook your financial capabilities then or you’d be sorry if you do later on.

You can always ignore this advice and go ahead to date a model but I suggest you prepare a shield for when the attacks come in. Keep your expectations at a minimum and have as much fun as you can while it lasts. You could also try hooking up with normal girls who will be more satisfying in majority of the areas flaws exist for models.



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  1. This is total bullshit, sounds more like someones personal opinon than fact. Especially if you are going to use words like “most models”, that is just overgeneralizing your own opinon.

  2. Ya wrong bro,completely and totaly wrong.u just painted most models as whores.I disagree with u on this cause am not like what u described above.

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