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They can be described as the new generation of Nigerian emigrants to Ghana. The successes recorded by them since they came to the small West African country speak volumes about their resolve to make an impressive impact away from home through their chosen careers and business endeavors, Pelumi Ajayi reports.

Young, daring and bold, they seem to have conquered Ghana. Ghana, to them, is a second home, and whatever they touch there yields Ghanaian cedi, almost effortlessly.

As business owners or traders, some of them could be found in popular markets like Mokola and Circle markets in Accra. These Ghanaian markets are equivalent of Oshodi or Idumota markets in Lagos.

With their accents and aggressive way of courting intending buyers to visit their shops and stalls, they are easily noticed, as the story is rife among Ghanaians that the best way to identify a Nigerian businessman or woman is to find out whether s(he) is passionate or aggressive in the way they court customers. Their aggressiveness, Sunday Tribune, learnt is actually working for them.

Apart from Nigerian businessmen and women who bestride the Ghanaian banking and entertainment sectors like colossus, there are others who merely struggle it out there. While many of them are job seekers, thereby compounding Ghana’s unemployment market, some are real estate agents, a number of them also engage in menial jobs to keep soul and body together, though many business concerns and big organizations in Ghana, it was learnt, are owned by Nigerians.

However, there is a goal that preoccupies the minds of these Nigerians in Ghana; it is to succeed at all costs.

There has been an increase in the emigration of many Nigerians to Ghana in the last 10 years. Though, there is no official figure at the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana to prove this, it is evident that the large presence of Nigerians in the country indicates that many of them are resident in the West African country.

While speaking with Sunday Tribune, a Nigerian trader in Mokola market, said, “The fact that water still runs in their pipes; there is stable electricity, better security of lives and property, many Nigerians will continue to flock to Ghana and many of them won’t like to return home.”

He said security situation in Ghana could not be compared with Nigeria’s, adding that the country never witnessed epileptic power supply, adding that Nigeria’s decadent infrastructures and the issues that surround the decadence were unheard of in Ghana.

According to Ogochukwu Nweke, an indigene of Anambra State, who is a lecturer at Regent University College of Science and Technology, and has been in Ghana for more than eight years, there is no place like Ghana under the earth.

While speaking on why he relocated to Ghana from Nigeria, he said, “It is the will of God, because I had no issue living and working in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, I actually had three job offers when I was leaving Nigeria for Ghana in 2006. Quite frankly, I could have settled in any other country, but I love Ghana, and I have adopted Ghana as my country.”

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